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Banner Training

Professional Development and Learning, in collaboration with the Banner Trainers at the University of Idaho, present information to the new Banner user, host the Banner training portal, and provide entry-level online Banner training.  We hope to provide a successful and efficient Banner training experience.  Please contact us with comments and suggestions on your Banner training.  (Please Read Information Below Before Proceeding!)


Has your E.P.A.F. been processed (ask your Supervisor) and do you have a Net Id or university credentials including user name and email?  If not, do not proceed, do not take any banner trainings and let your department know a banner account cannot be created until these items are completed.

While Banner trainers may offer live training for most classes, some online classes are also available for employees.  To receive access to Banner in an area relating to the online training, an employee must review the specific online training and then take and pass the associated quiz.  You may review the online training as often as you like.  You may locate the online classes here.

Live Training

In-person training is available for some Banner classes.  The schedule listed below shows currently scheduled live training opportunities.  To register for a live Banner training, click here to be taken to the Banner Class Login/Registration System (Banner Training Portal).

Live Training Currently Scheduled

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