Director, PDL

Elissa Keim
Director, Professional Development and Learning

Vice Provost

Jeanne Stevenson
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Professional Development and Learning

Mission Statement


The University of Idaho is a dynamic learning community committed to high quality, ongoing, and sustainable development and learning opportunities for its faculty, staff, and administrators. The organization, culture, and climate at the University of Idaho are enhanced by employees who are innovative, knowledgeable, and engaged in life-long learning through a system of professional development. Through a comprehensive system of innovative, on-time, flexible learning opportunities that build and increase knowledge and skills, facilitate networking with colleagues, and support career enhancement, the professional development program engages employees in optimizing  their performance to meet professional and personal goals and aspirations at the University of Idaho. These learning opportunities lead to a positive, dynamic, adaptable, and vital work climate in which employees share a passion for knowledge, are innovative and creative, and hold high academic and ethical standards.

Vision, Mission, Values Vision: The University of Idaho advances strategically and functions efficiently through employees actively engaged in ongoing professional growth to meet personal, professional growth and career enhancement.

: The University of Idaho provides a comprehensive and sustainable system of relevant and accessible informal and formal opportunities for employee professional growth and career enhancement.

Values:  The University of Idaho provides opportunities for employees to engage actively in life-long learning in a positive work climate that enhances the quality of university life.