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Color Usage Guide


Nothing is tied to a university’s identity more than its colors. The proper use of this approved color palette is essential in order to provide distinction and consistency to the University’s brand. The official school colors of the University of Idaho are silver (PMS 877 metallic) and gold (PMS 874 metallic). Black, white and grays are always acceptable, and a tertiary palette of accent colors can also be effective when used properly. Please refer to the Color Usage Guide for instructions.

Our Official Colors

  Pantone™ c m y k hex
Gold 874 0c 23m 53y 35k b18e5f
Silver 877 0c 0y 0m 50k 9f9d9d

Our Official Tertiary Colors

  Pantone™ c m y k hex
Moss 8501 35c 0m 15y 55k 57797b
Stone 8182 80c 60m 25y 10k 436188
Plum 8801 35c 45m 0y 50k 635476
Copper 8023 25c 70m 75y 10k b06048
Berry 8820 40c 80m 40y 15k 8f4966
color proportions