Common Read - Final Call for Nominations

Wednesday, January 9 2013

Each year, the University of Idaho engages its students in the Common Read. We are opening nominations for the 2013-14 Common Read and invite you to submit a title you feel worthy.

The Common Read is a program designed to engage all our students, be they first-year or senior-year students, in a unified intellectual activity, which introduces and reiterates them to academic expectations, respectful discourse and community building. Prior to arrival, first-year students are asked to read the book, available through the U-Idaho Bookstore.

The Common Read committee is seeking nominations of books, regardless of genre, that accomplishes the following:

• Promotes engagement on a topic relevant to the university community, and especially incoming first-year students. The topic should be of a broad interest across the university community.
• Given the breadth of audience, the book should be accessible, enjoyable, engaging, yet challenging.
• It should provide an opportunity to inspire students intellectually to learn, engage and lead, to take “ownership” of their University of Idaho educational experience in critical and creative ways.
• Provide diverse points of view, experiences, or other content that would promote sustained discussion.
• Provide multi- or inter-disciplinary perspectives, allowing students, staff and faculty from differing academic disciplines to find points of intellectual convergence and integration as they address the topic of the book.
• Holds the possibility that the author of the book (or someone closely associated with the book) could come to the Moscow campus and give a keynote address or presentation on the book.

Past selections have included works of non-fiction, history, race and culture, economics, and political discourse. We are open to works of fiction as well.

Please send your nominations (book title and author, and addressing each of the six criteria listed above) to by Friday, Jan. 18, 2013. For more information on the Common Read, see