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A more engaged university with an enhanced learning enviornment

  • We need an Office of Outreach and a VP of Outreach 
  • Support engineering needs around state through Sr. Design 
  • Encourage high school student involvement in research 
  • Increase dual enrollment opportunities 
  • Extension business (more than agriculture) 
  • Executive Education 
  • More continuing education for community “learning annex” type 
  • Recognize scholarship of engagement 
  • Outreach & engagement must count on promotion & tenure 
  • Service learning (e.g. pro bono leadership training as part of curriculum) 
  • Idaho “long-term Planning Policy Institute” – McClure Center (like KY) 
  • Outreach council to help coordinate opportunities for university outreach in communities. 
  • Two-way collaboration with county educators (extension) and campus faculty 
  • PE certification, pro-development 
  • Continue to explore connections to high schools and K-12 and local NGOs, agencies, students tutoring in schools 
  • Stabilize funding for MOSS so that graduate level outreach to K-12 learning occurs 
  • Expand utilize extension and service learning services to develop and promote active, healthy communities. Communities can be university, local, state, regional, global. This work can be driven throughout our university curricula- inherently creates outreach and should result in grant procurement and scholarship. Addresses global and national health care concerns with focus on prevention. An integral piece of sustainability. Connects us globally – should pull together multiple disciplines across campus. 
  • Become inclusive in UI community to target non-UI alumnus or events, activities and community development 
  • More marketing – general & targeted 
  • Utilize urban laboratory in Boise - urban curriculum 
  • Continuing education in Boise 
  • Buy a bus & provide funds to take UI on the road 
  • Recognize scholarship of engagement & reward 
  • Create financially viable statewide university educational system 
  • Grass roots priority setting 
  • Develop existing international partnerships more 
  • Ask Idaho industry “what can we do for you” –engage through a focus on their priorities
  • Improve websites 
  • Set up new distance learning courses to fulfill community college requirements