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Our Inspiring Stories

Jency Sundararajan with daughter in the labGraduate Student Opportunities Inspire International Student’s Career Goals

“Financial assistance is important for an international student such as myself to pursue higher studies in the U.S.,” Sundararajan said.
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Nick Weires in the lab, recipient of the John B. George Award 2012Undergraduate Research Sets the Course for the Future

“Undergraduate research has been the single greatest thing about my experience at the University of Idaho,” Weires said.
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Janet Schaumburg inspiring futures at the College of Science.Alumna Continues Gift of Giving

“To me, an education is the foundation for the future. That’s where the University does such a marvelous job. It maintains a standard of excellence, provides a great learning environment and fosters a commitment to service and to each other,” Schaumburg said.
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Dayal Meshri in his home contributes to College of Science scholarshipsAlumni are Living Examples of Idaho Inspiration

“Scholarship funding is essential. A university builds your character and your future. Education is thinking power. And thinking brings creativity. Creativity brings new technologies.” says Dayal Meshri.
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David McIlory in his lab and encourages students to work in the lab.Discovery and Creativity in University of Idaho Laboratories

“One of the real strengths of the department is that we get the students into the lab,” David McIlroy said. “That’s where teaching them what real physics is really about. You can write it all down in a class and review it all you want, but until you actually work with it, you don’t understand what’s really involved – so the hands-on experience is invaluable.”
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Mickey Ginter in his lab is inspired by the students he teaches.Gem of a Professor Shares Knowledge and Passion

“We’re very fortunate at the University of Idaho, we’re a small enough institution that we can interact with the students one-on-one, yet we’re a big enough institution where we can play at the international stage,” said Mickey Gunter.
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