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Endowed Chairs in the College of Engineering

Civil Engineers reviewing blueprints

At the University of Idaho, private philanthropic support is vital to maintaining the quality of teaching, research, and public service.

One of the most important types of gifts to higher education is an endowed chair to ensure faculty excellence.

Created by generous gifts, these highly prized academic positions are supported by earnings from invested funds. While the state budget pays for the faculty’s salary, the proceeds from the endowment provide enrichments –such as support for instruction and research money—that are important to the recruitment and retention of the greatest scholars.

“Endowed chairs are the most esteemed positions in academia and they are awarded only to the top tier of faculty,” says Larry Stauffer, dean of the College of Engineering.

“When these positions are filled, he or she will command considerable prestige within the university and the larger professional field of civil engineering. In addition to bringing honor to the chair-holder, endowed positions also help attract the most talented students and provide an educational experience that transcends the classroom.”

How you can help:

The College of Engineering is currently raising support to create the following endowed chair positions:

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