Campaign Goal: $15 million
$18 M

Scholarships & Faculty Endowments

The College of Engineering encourages gifts to create endowments for student scholarships, graduate fellowships, faculty support and for use by the dean to meet the college's strategic objectives. These gifts are an investment in the future of the College of Engineering, providing enduring support for our students, faculty and programs. Endowment gifts are invested wisely and carefully by the University of Idaho Foundation, Inc. with only the earnings used to support the designated need.

Named endowments serve as a tribute to the generosity of donors or a vehicle to honor a special person. An endowment may be named for:

  • The endowment fund's primary donor, whether an individual, foundation or corporation
  • A friend or family member whom the donor wishes to honor or memorialize
  • An individual who has given noteworthy service to the University.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate students are the foundation of the College of Engineering. The strength of our undergraduate programs has long been exemplified by the quality of our students. In order to continue our tradition of attracting the brightest students from Idaho, across the United States and internationally, we must provide increased scholarship support through additional named scholarship endowments. Named scholarship endowments may be established with a one-time gift or multi-year commitment of $25,000.

Graduate Fellowships

A premier graduate program must have superior faculty and an innovative, future-oriented research program. To meet the future needs for faculty, external research, industry and government worldwide, we must be prepared to aggressively compete for the best graduate students from the top schools in our region and across the United States. The availability of financial support is often the deciding factor, and thus it is necessary to provide additional funding through endowed graduate fellowships. Named endowed graduate fellowships may be established with a one-time gift or multi-year commitment of $50,000.

Faculty Growth and Development

Ensuring a superior faculty represents a significant and ongoing challenge for the College. Our ability to attract and retain a distinguished faculty will continue to require incentives beyond the traditional salary and rank. Endowed faculty positions are the most effective means to attract and retain both senior and promising junior faculty, as they provide funds for salary supplements, professional development and research support. In addition, a faculty of high reputation increases the College's ability to attract private research support. Thus, faculty endowments continue to be a high priority for the College.

Chairs are created with an endowment of at least $2 Million. Endowed chairs enable a college or program to recruit and retain faculty whose national reputations elevate its prominence and whose experience and expertise make an exceptional contribution to its teaching, research and public service. National searches are typically held to fill these positions.

Professorships are endowed with at least $1 Million. Professorships enable the university to retain respected and effective faculty members who are making an exceptional contribution to Idaho’s mission of teaching, research and public service. These positions may be filled through national or internal searches.

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