Campaign Goal: $6 million
$13 M

Education Student Emergency Assistance Fund

College of Education alumni commit to helping students in emergency situations, and inspire College of Education faculty and staff to give.

Like many people on campus, the faculty and staff of the University of Idaho College of Education too often hear heartbreaking stories from their students who find themselves in unexpected crisis situations. Often these situations impact the students’ capacity to continue their education. Inspired by a generous couple (including an alumna of the COE), the faculty and staff, in partnership with the couple, want to do their part in keeping these students in school.

The COE has established a scholarship fund specifically for this purpose called the College of Education Student Emergency Assistance Fund. The alumni donors — who wish to remain anonymous — are deeply passionate about keeping students in school, especially those who are doing well and don’t want an unexpected situation to be the reason for those students to leave. The donors agreed to match the first $2,500 donated by COE faculty and staff, dollar-for-dollar. In just a few weeks, the fund has grown to nearly $3,500 and continues to grow as additional contributions are made. The goal is to reach 100 percent participation among faculty and staff within the COE.

“I’m so pleased that we have started this fund. None of us want an emergency to keep a student from finishing college, and I’m proud of the willingness of our faculty and staff to participate in this effort. It demonstrates how clearly committed we are to doing what we can to help students succeed,” said Dean Corinne Mantle-Bromley

The typical scholarship cycle at the University of Idaho awards all available scholarships in the spring for the following academic year. This does not leave funding or flexibility when students encounter challenging situations during the academic year. A small committee of staff and faculty who work within the college has been established, and the committee already has received its first request for assistance. The intent of this fund is to provide immediate assistance to students who find themselves in crisis situations. By creating a small committee and following University policy, the committee is able to respond quickly to requests. Students’ requests will be reviewed throughout the academic year, and requests for assistance can be made at any time. Faculty and staff within the college may nominate a student for consideration.

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