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Wells Fargo’s banking executives know business success requires an entrepreneurial spirit.

That’s why the bank’s Dana Reddington, Mountain Midwest Business Banking Executive, and Wayne Schneider ’72, retired senior vice president, originally garnered support for a vital University of Idaho student business initiative through the Wells Fargo Foundation.

Don Melendez, the new Idaho Regional Banking President for Wells Fargo has continued the tradition of investing in UI’s entrepreneurship efforts. “It’s important for Wells Fargo to invest in innovative education like the University of Idaho’s VIEW program with its emphasis on action learning,” said Melendez. “The experiential learning the VIEW program promotes is invaluable in developing the teamwork and leadership skills required to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.”

“We support the vision of developing tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, who will drive the success of traditional and emerging organizations and will build a diversified infrastructure for a modern Idaho,” stated Dana Reddington, Mountain Midwest Business Banking Executive, Wells Fargo.

The University’s Vandal Innovation and Enterprise Works, or VIEW, inspires students’ entrepreneurial attitudes and accomplishments. Specifically, VIEW:

• Offers a 12-credit entrepreneurship certificate open to all students.

• Brings in top-flight entrepreneurs who meet with students through the Wells Fargo Speaker Series.

• Hosts an annual student business plan competition.

• Holds the annual Wells Fargo Elevator Pitch competition, during which a student has two minutes to pitch his or her business plan to judges.

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