Campaign Goal: $22.5 million
$27 M

Cornerstone Goals for Greatness

$3.5 Million

Catalyzing Student Success

  • Develop undergraduate scholarships to support field study activities
  • Develop graduate student scholarships, internships, summer field experiences, and assistantships (teaching/research)

Thanks to the generosity of the DeVlieg Foundation, the Taylor Wilderness Research Station will fund a graduate research assistantship, summer internship programs and an undergraduate research scholar. The Friends of Taylor Endowment also supports natural ecosystems research and scientific wilderness learning.

$4.5 Million

Leading Innovation and Discovery

  • Endow the chair of the University of Idaho Rangeland Center
  • Expand the number of endowed professorships, faculty and chairs to aid in retention and recruitment of world-class faculty

Since the beginning of the campaign, donors have pledged over $2.5 million to support faculty endowments, professorships and excellence funds.

$3.5 Million

Creating Distinction and Impact Through Enterprise Partnerships

  • Create an endowed Engaged Field Studies Program in support of critical, long-term field experiential learning for natural resource professionals.

Thanks to the generosity of Tom ‘59 and Teita Reveley, the Reveley Geospatial Education and Research Complex was completed in 2008. Completion of this complex has served as a catalyst for new opportunities in earth system science education and research.

$11 Million

Building a World-Class Learning Environment

  • Complete Forest Nursery and Seedling Research Classroom at the Franklin H. Pitkin Nursery
  • Ownership of McCall Field Campus, 12-acre parcel in McCall, ID and current home to McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS)

Generous donors have pledged $11 million to support the College of Natural Resources facilities.

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