Campaign Goal: $22.5 million
$27 M

College of Natural Resources

A special THANK YOU to our alumni and friends who generously support the College of Natural Resources!

FISCAL YEAR July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010

$100,000 to $250,000

Clara R. Bleak '46

Potlatch Corporation

$25,000 to $49,000
Curt HON '77 and Adele Berklund
Thomas L. ’59 and Teita Reveley
J. Robert Stillinger '44 HON '98

Forest Capital Partners LLC
Forest Clinic Foundation
Potlatch Forest Holdings Inc.
The DeVlieg Foundation
Wal-Mart Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999
Kurt Bray
Linda Leuthold Donerkiel
George C. Hixon
Joseph M. Hixon III
Steven C. Leuthold
Steve Malloy
Wallace P. Monnett † '33

Avista Corporation
Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission
Klaue Family Foundation
Silvaris Corporation
Steven Leuthold Family Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999
Eugene A. and Alice J. McHale
Harold F. Heady '38
Marla J. '71 and James D. Schwartz

Inland Empire Paper Company
McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation
Safari Club International Foundation
Whittenberger Foundation
World Wildlife Fund

$2,500 to $4,999

Dale R. '53 and Anne M. Andrus
Brett T. Bennett
Frank R. and Delores R. Bennett
John W. Dale '74
David Gratson and Gloria E. Kratz
Jay and Jan † Gruenfeld
Craig M. and Faith R. Hanchey
Willough G. Krinard
George J. Nolfi

Bennett Lumber Products, Inc.
Idaho Community Foundation, Inc.
Perc H. Shelton & Gladys A. Pospisil Shelton Fdn Advised Fd

$1,000 to $2,499

Robert B. '62 and Kathryn A. Cochrane
Richard W. Dean II '84
Ronald W. and Jo Ellen Force
Brian Kevin Gilles '81
Fredric A. and Janet M. Godshall
Randy and Charlene Hanchey
Charles R. and Cheryl M. Hatch
H. O. Kiffmann '64
Gerald L. Lohse '79 '82
Janet C. King '63
Christine M. Moffitt
Leonard N. Purdy HON '78
James W. and Ruth P. Rawlins
Jerry B. '68 '70 and Barbara G. Reese
Dorothy J. Shawver
Ned and Mary Sommer
Kenneth J. '62 '63 and Linda M. '64 '78 Steigers
Peter F. '53 and Suzann '54 Stickney
Charles F. Jr. '48 '54 and A. Elaine '56 Sutherland
Brian Treat '87 and Natalie N. Delbrueck
Harry L. and Doris S. Wetherbee

Accenture Foundation, Inc.
Chevron Corporation
Gilles Consulting
Idaho Section Society for Range Management
Region 1 Law Enforcement Group
Safari Club International - Inland Empire Chapter
Wells Fargo Foundation

$500 to $999

Wade Neil '08 '94 and Alice J. W. '03 '86 Allen
Gary L. '81 and Susan F. Bender
Steven A. '84 and Terri Butz
Meigan Cameron '90
Kjell '66 '70 and Judith A. '70 Christophersen
Allen B. and Janet R. Davis
Anthony S. Davis
Roger L. '47 and Doris L. '65 Guernsey
Kenneth E. Harrison '59
Jeffrey G. '74 and Susan L. Howe
Roger D. '63 '75 and Luana H. Hungerford
Charles Jackson '87 and Jan Marie '87 Bowey
Fengbin Jin '96 '97
James H. Klott '83 and Anita L. Vail-Klott '84
Howard R. '58 and Ethel A. Koskella
Robert G. '65 and Joy R. Lathrop
Gregory W. '74 and Pamela H. Lynch
Margaret Littlejohn
Dorothy M. '68 and Craig MacPhee
Roger D. Ottmar HON '08
Richard A. '71 and Marion Jessie '78 Patterson
Ronald C. '56 and Catherine J. Perez
Deborah K. Rawhouser '88 and Michael A. Ferguson
Dottie and Ed † Stimpson
Delmar D. Vail '53

Gem State Fly Fishers, Inc.
Itasca Greenhouse Inc.

$250 to $499

Roger R. '53 and Ruth Ann Bay
Cheryl A. '81 and James F. Bauer
Kevin C. '74 and Nancy J. Boling
Donald P. Campbell '50
Edward Paul Chine '88
David L. '53 and Cynthia Christensen
Jim Crawford and Margo Coritz
Chester J. Covert '81
Steven B. '80 '85 and Dianne K. Daley-Laursen
Richard P. '82 and Julie A. Davis
Jerry W. '91 '94 '95 and Sharon L. Deal
Francis H. Jr. '43 and Martha O. Dillon
Louisa B. Evers '88
W. Glenn '81 '85 and Tammy L. '81 Ford
Murray Dov '86 and Nancy R. '85 Feldman
James E. and Pauleen Marie Grant
Keith S. '71 and Joan E. Guenther
Judy E. Hallisey '72 '94
John H. '58 '61 and Marilyn D. '58 Helle
Bruce D. '87 and Jeanne M. '88 Higgins
Elizabeth A. Kellogg '77 and Peter F. Stevens
Jerry L. '59 '63 and Charlotte A. '61 Mallet
Donna J. and Herald S. † '50 Nokes
Brian P. '92 and Tina A. Oswald
George R. Raney '72
W. Leslie '39 and Priscilla M. Robinette
John B. Schroeder '99
James C. Space '62
Kevin R.'94 and Lynne E. Smith
Ellen S. Thiem
Sam T. Wear '79 and Daryl Burbank-Wear
Orrin F. Webb '40
Virginia Wetherbee
Cheryl J. Zitzloff

Land Use Concepts, Inc.

$100 to $249

Anonymous - College of Natural Resources
David L. '61 and Barbara S. Adams
Robert A. Adair '70
Jim and Alexandra Amonette
Richard E. and Delores E. Anderson
Ronald J. '70 and Shirley S. Anderson
Carl L. '69 and Jennie '69 Armour
Frances E. Arnold
Brian D. Austin '00
Phil L. '76 and Becky Barker
Bryce L. '53 and Darla Beck
Carl M. '50 and Mary F. Berntsen
Richard T. Bingham '40 '42
Howbert W. '53 and Mary B. '54 Bonnett
Dale N. '66 and Carma Bosworth
Richard F. '72 '74 and Rita Bottger
Douglas G. Bright '66
Donal W. Brislain '48
Harmon M. and Georgia A. Brotnov
Charles D. '65 '67 and Florence J. '63 Buffington
Lawrence E. Caldwell III '97
Frank M. '60 and Jane '59 Cammack
Timothy A. and Francine Carpenter
Keith E. and Marilyn B. Carlson
Robert G. Carson '85 and Diane L. Polscer
James R.F. Chandler '57
Hsien-Te Cheng '80
Kelly Cherrey
Gene F. '57 and Judy L. Cole
John W. Jr. '74 and Cheryl A. '74 Connelly
Charles E. '80 and Diane L. Corsi
John M. Chess '86
John E. Jr. '60 and Arline S. Crawford
Chet L. '04 and Vivaca J. '03 Crowser
Thomas J. Cubit '96
Alan B. '54 and Mary A. Curtis
Steven J. '76 and Peggy L. Cuvala
Paul D. '77 and Lisa R. '78 Dally
Robyn L. '79 and Jerry L. Darbyshire
S. Gene Day '57
Diane L. DeChambeau '54
Scott A. '94 and Sherry L. Deeds
John R. '60 and Joanne G. DeMeyer
James W. De Pree '65
Brett C. '92 and Roxanne Dumas
Michael R. Dunphy '08
Valerie R. Elliott '72
Thomas W. '79 and Janelle L. '78 '81 Evans
David R. Faulkner '62
Karen M. Feary '97
Richard H. Felgenhour '72
Andrew J. '77 and Carol J. Ferguson
Edith L. Ferguson
Daniel J. Fielding '06
Marguerite H. Fitzpatrick
Richard L.'78 '84 and Dayna A.'78 Focht
Craig C. '88 and Jill D. Foss
William L. Foster '65
James D. '75 and Nina S. Fraser
William W. '53 and Laura H. Gleaves
Gerald I. '95 and Kathleen Miller Green
Richard D. '83 and Jeanne Greer
James B. '56 and Delores Gregg
Richard L. Gustin '75
John R. '68 '70 and Connie J. '69 Gustafson
Dan L. '71 and Judy L. Guy
William S. Haag '66
Bob E. '71 and Ryn M. Hahn
Lee R. '93 '94 and Alyson A. Halbrook
Tara C. Hamilton '94
Bengt H. Hamner '60 '61
James E. Haas '75
Roger C. '58 and Ming C. Hatch
Richard N. Hauver '72
Frank A. Hayes '78
Harvey L. Heath
Michael C. '73 and Juliana M. '73 Heck
Geoff Hogander '70
Steven J. and Patricia Hollenhorst
Gary L. '78 '81 and Mary J. Hompland
William D. '71 and Rhonda J. Horton
Steven A. '68 and Anne J. Hoss
Gerry D. '63 and Patricia S. House
Volney W. Jr. '69 and Linda A. '69 Howard
Bob G. '72 and Pat Jacobsen
Quinn '75 and Sandra Jacobson
Dean W. '66 and Jeanne Johnson
Richard A. '53 and Marlene N. Johnston
Richard D. '63 and Mary A. Just
Wayne F. Kasworm '77
Robert Joel '80 and Pam Katz
Jerry A. '70 and Anne E. '69 Keely
Raymond E. B. and Julie LF Ketchum
Robert R. Sr. '58 and Elizabeth A. Kindschy
Jim W. '66 and Lois Koonce
Kenneth R. '52 and Aspasia Knoerr
David L. '74 '78 and Pamela K. Aronson Kulhavy
Brenda K. Lackey '02
Athalie M. Lage
Robert J. Lannan Jr. '63
Brett M. Larson '05
G. Karl and Karen L. Launchbaugh
Bernard L. '57 and Charlotte A. Lenz
Gary T. Lester '92 '92
Michael W. Leverick '80
Gary M. '68 and Jacqueline A. Leymaster
Ralph D. Lindberg '57
David C. Liu '94
Richard G. '68 and Cheryl L. Lohman
James B. Marron '63
Jon Marshall '84
Warren L. '58 and Anne M. Martin
Stephen F. '65 and Ann E. McCool
Scott Dean McCoy '95 '96
Raymond F. '62 and Kay F. McLaughlin
Steven L. '78 '80 and Leslie S. '78 McMullin
Michael F. '81 and Linda L. '88 Merigliano
Conrad G. Merrick '51
John P. '71 '81 and Nancy L. Messick
Joseph B. Miczulski '79
Tuck A. '81 and Cynthia G. Miller
Aiko H and James H. † '47 Mizuki
Randy M. '76 and Dana S. Moate
Allan C. Montgomery '62
Ralph E. '89 and Deborah L. '87 Myers
James A. Nee
Dennis Gordon '66 and Gail V. Nelson
Alison L. '89 and Joseph Nowakowski
Ken A. '89 and Karen L. '89 '89 Nygren
Edmund L. '70 and Diane J. Obermeyer
Warren B. Olney '59
Glenn R. Olshefski '86
Ron and Janet Overton
Mark A. Patterson '92
Andrew W. '64 and Janet L. Pekovich
Lewis L. '64 and Donna L. '64 Pence
Charles E. Petrosky '84
Donald S. Phillips '81
Stephen Jr. '73 and Karen A. Pintek
Robert E. '59 and Dixie A. Pizel
Allyn R. Pratt '71
Peter C. '56 and Sally G. Preston
Chris L. '80 and Debra L. '82 Randolph
Michael C. '61 and Joy A. Reeb
Ashley E. Reed '02
Robert M. '61 and Joyce B. Richmond
James F. Rineholt '86
Loren E. '50 and Virginia L. Robinson
Lester K. '69 and Lowayne Rosenkrance
John B. '90 and Mary E. Rundell
Michael J. '76 and Karen D. Ryan
Paul M. Sankovich '95 '96
Jim R. '81 and Becky L. Schroeder
John W. '79 and Donna K. '75 '92 Schwandt
John Tate '75 and Cynthia S. Shea
Michael D. '65 and Elaine B. Shields
Glenn N. Shishido '76
Brian W. Sindelar '68
James R. Soeth '69
Philip B. Soulen '53
David H. '90 and Barbara Featherstone-Sparks '91
Morgan R. '82 '86 and Debra D. '82 Stage
Arthur E. '59 and Edna K. Stauber
Richard L. '56 and Ruby M. Stauber
Don A. Stinton '84
Stanley W. '59 '64 and Paula Stroup
Samuel and Diane A. Sugden
John S. '69 and Anita K. Sutrick
Gertrude L. Sutton
Sherman R. '75 and Louise Swanson
Warren I. '77 and Tara L. Swanson
Matthew G. and Joan L. Symonds
Lynn H. Thaldorf '65
Nicolas E. Tipple '60
Timothy '72 and Denise Thomson
Michael T. Toulouse '81
Ellen K. Town
Mike L. Unger and Mary W. Lindahl
Fred '77 and Linda L. '77 '77 VanDyke
David H. '69 and Carolyn C. Van Lear
Tom Vars '55
Robert G. Westcott '93 '93
John C. Whitmer '91
James E. III '73 and Ellen P. '73 Wiles
Ann R. '81 and Thomas O. Williams
Roy W. Wilson '69
Mark G. '75 and Barbara J. '75 Wimer
Winston C. '62 and Ouida Wolfe
Paul T. '64 and OraLee Woods
Arnold and Tina Wynecoop
Len H. Young '92
Lianjun Zhang '88 '91 '91 and Yufeng Yang

Buffalo Berry Farms
Idaho Power Foundation, Inc.
Science Applications International Corporation
Vital Garden, Inc.

$1 to $99

Randall J. '75 and Anne M. Adams
Lee R. '63 and Kathleen Adler
Bradley J. '95 and Robin Alcorn
Jack R. Alley '40
Dewey P. '55 and Shirley A. Almas
Arthur W. Anderson '67
Hal N. '79 '81 and Diane M. Anderson
Klane and Kelley W. Anderson
Phillip D. '84 and Janell K. Anderson
Douglas R. Armstrong '75
George J. Babey '78
Louis A. '81 and Tanya R. Ballard
Robert W. Bates '51
Richard J. Beier '62
Gary F. '80 and Crystal Bertellotti
Arthur D. Bettge '76
Jay G. Biladeau '69
John R. '51 and Florence B. '51 Black
David R. '58 and Mary E. Bower
Charles L. '72 and Pamela M. Boyer
Paul J. Brady '55
Paul A. '90 and Annette D. '89 '91 Brusven
Harry A. Brizee '54 and Rebecca A. Wright-Brizee
Paul R. and Gini Broyles
John C. '94 '95 and Irma Bucher
Gordon D. '82 and Charlene A. Bunch
William J. '51 and Evelyn Burchard
Charles G. Carll '79
Buddie R. Carroll '90
Laura B. Caruso '79
Jon R. '80 and Linda Cavigli
Howard W. '53 '60 and Emily O. Chadwick
James D. Chapin '63
Gregory and Becky Charlton
Seth A. Charlton '02
Donna K. Chickering '84
Anita F. Cholewa '77 '84
Stephen E. Clements '80
Anderson C. '02 and Melissa L. '02 '03 Cleveland
Jay G. '49 and Eleanor B. Conard
Samantha J. Cooney '02
William M. '81 '82 and Jennifer Crane
Kenneth M. '79 and Phyllis A. '78 Day
Theodore C. Demetriades '75
Michael L. '68 '69 and Beverly J. '69 Dewey
Krista M. '01 and Sean P. Dillon
Gerald E. '58 and Ruth E. Dixon
Philip C. '82 and Karen R. Downey
Lowell G. '60 and Eleanor N. Dubbels
Russell A. '75 and Julie Edelen
James L. III '53 and Donna L. Edlefsen
John R. '69 and Joan M. '69 Edwards
William H. III '98 and Linda M. Edwards
Justin A. Elliott '06
George N. '43 and Laurene M. Engler
Mark '81 and Betty Eiserman
Marianne M. Emmendofer '90
Thomas R. '64 and Margaret J. Eubanks
Dale K. '72 and Jeanne Ewersen
Nancy A. Farris '77
Richard A. '84 and Sharon L. '84 Fedorchak
Sherman J. Finch '55
Zackery K. Fleming '08
David L. Flickinger '67
Britt M. Forsberg
Clint P. Foster '04
Thomas M. '76 and Charla M. Francis
Robert W. '77 and Melissa Friedrick
Art I. Froerer '56
Stanley W. and Kelsey L. '78 Galloway
Roy E. '67 and Margaret Garten
Ruth M. Gillette
Wilda Goe
Peter C. Gomben '93 '94
James R. '83 and Shirley A. Graham
Patrick J. '78 and Gail E. Graham
Kathleen E. Gray '07
Robert C. Green
Edson '65 '72 and Virginia C. Griswold
Herbert D. '63 and Bonita Hahn
William R. Haight '59
Michael B. Hale '02
Jack W. and Sharon I. Hamilton
Donald P. '82 and Kris Hanley
Greg E. Hanson '94
John A. Hanson '70
Lee W. Harry '95 '96
Robin L. Hartmann '88
Erik C. Haugerud '94
David W. '62 and Margaret H. Heck
Guenter '73 and Mindy D. Heinz
James P. '63 and Jacqueline G. '86 Hertel
Emily E. Heward '09
Janice L. Hill '90
Roland C. and Ruth E. Hintze
Frank E. '63 and Marcia Peglow Hoch
Richard S. '62 and A. Joanne '63 Hodge
Michael L. '83 and Suzanne Hoppus
Wally M. '62 and Barbara E. Huff
Jerry D. '82 and Carrie E. Hugo
John S. '80 '88 and Chris A. Irving
Robert Duayne '76 and Mary L. Irwin
Shane Q. '00 and Diane H. Jacobson
Glen L. '80 and Annita C. Jackson
Harry R. '83 and Mary A. Jageman
Alfred E. and Bonnie J. Janssen
E. Delmar '53 and Beverly J. Jaquish
Mickie and D. Nelson † '39 Jeffers
LaVay W. '69 and Candice G. Jeffries
Michael A. Jepson and Mary B. Collins
Deborah P. '87 and Kent A. Johnson
Thane J. Johnson '50 '56
Thom H. Johnson '78
Steve L. '84 and Tracy A. Jones
Steven L. '72 and Janet R. Judd
David G. '75 and Debra E. '73 '75 Kaspar
Daniel M. Kenney '92
Billy-Joe '95 and Jennifer A. Kieffer
Kenneth J. Kincaid '79
James E. '47 and Suzanne S. King
William P. '64 and Jane A. Knispek
Anita C. Koehn '84 '94
Allan D. '67 '94 and Daryl A. Kyle
Kara Lagerquist '93
Leslie King Tung Lau '79
Keith Alden '78 and Mary M. P. Lawrence
Daniel R. Len '79
Steven M. '79 and Linda Lester
Scott M. '94 and Lesa D. Lindstrom
Paul D. '73 and Toni M. Lother
Richard L. '84 and Jodine R.'86 Lowell
Charles W. '54 and Catherine L. '53 Luscher
Christine A. Jansen Lute '99 and Dan Lute
Patrice M. '86 and Edward J. Lynch
John C. and Diana A. Makacinas
Stephen T. '70 and Mary K. '69 Martin
Dennis and Nancy D. Matthews
Katharine E. Mattson '99
Kaye F. '60 and Diane McElwain
Glen W. '74 '76 '80 and Sharon A. '73 '88 Mendel
Ralph O. '60 and Marie '59 Meyer
Daniel L. '68 '74 and Christine C. '73 Miller
Stephanie J. Mitchell '96
Bruce H. Monell '69
Donald E. and Phyllis A. Moroge
Stephen M. Mosher '06
Peter M. Mourtsen
William P. '53 and Duretha Nagle
Jane M. Newman '82
Robin L. Nieto '92
Levi T. Novey '05
Bruce B. '55 and Marie N. Ottenfeld
Herbert F. Jr. '83 and Christy Peddicord
Linda Perelli '79 and Christopher J. Wright
Jeanie Petermann
Charles H. Petersen '65
Frederick W. Jr. and Louise W. Phelps
Barry S. and Alda M. Pilcher
Paul M. '78 and Patricia K. Pillis
Richard R. '72 and Judith M. Puckett
Richard A. '74 and Robin G. Prausa
Daniel P. '95 and Rula Awwad-Rafferty '90
Terry B. Randolph '62
Paul B. '76 '81 and Mary A. '81 Rippel
Brent W. '69 and Janis J. Ritchie
Robert A. '81 and Joan L. Ruediger
Steven A. '81 and Kristi S. Sader
Mike D. '84 and Patti Rae Sanders
Jordan A. Schaefer '05
George and Claudia Schindler
R. Kirk Schroeder '75
John R. Schwab '57
Thomas M. and Bonnie A. Schwichtenberg
Philip and Karen P. Selwyn
John C. '80 and Bobbie C. Sherrod
Jon G. Siddoway '82
Jon M. '59 and Donna Skovlin
Robert A. Jr. '64 and C. B. Smart
Peter D. '93 and Caryl S. '94 Soeth
Virginia L. and Marshall E. † '43 Spencer
Gerald A. '66 and Pam J. Stauber
Randall M. and Karen Stein
Kirsten Stephan '07
Thomas R. Stephenson '95 '96
Kenneth G. '83 '87 and Lori M. '04 Stinson
Vincent S. '55 and Rita E. '55 Strobel
Jerald A. Stroebele '67 and Mary Fuller Leykom
Andrew E. Stratton '06
Bradley P. Stumph '05
William J. '74 and Linda '76 Summers
Cassandra A. '04 and Bryce Sundquist
Lorna Sutton '72
Vernon C. '67 and Lois G. Sutton
Susan L. Tank '83 and Larry W. Brewer
Laurent '64 and Virginia M. Taylor
Richard D. Tholen '99
John W. Thomas '75
James M. Thompson III '68
Eric B. Trimble '84 and Kathryn S. O'Connor
William H. '77 and Christine A. Vaughan
Augusts '57 and Ida Vitolins
Chris '95 '96 and Ellen Harter Wall
Shayne L. '94 and Alane Watkins
Marc A. '96 and Brenda Weathersby
Cora M. Weddle
Margaret Wood Weesner '91
Devona L. Weirich '86
Kent T. Wellner '86 '90 and Donna M. Emert
Richard I. Welsted '80
Jack R. '80 and Linda Wenderoth
Lisa A. '86 and Edward R. Jr. Wenschhof
Wayne L. Weseman '01 '73
Perry A. '74 '75 and Christine Murray '76 Whittaker
David C. '83 and Rosa L. M. Wigton
Mark D. '79 and Elizabeth A. '80 Willhite
Leaford C. '60 and Nan E. Windle
Edward F. Wingert Jr. '97
Alma H. '70 and Bonnie K. Winward
Peter G. '91 and Jane C. Whitchurch
John T. Wilcox '56
Amy J. Witherall '03
Charles D. '53 and Lorna H. Wood
Glenn A. '63 and Coleen J. '62 Yeary
Norman W. '63 and Judith M. Yogerst
Jerre P. '03 and Laura C. '04 Zahm
Mouine F. '58 '59 and Afaf Kouri Zoghet
Larry P. Zowada '73

Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
Clearwater Paper Corporation
Rangehands, Inc.
The Boeing Company
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