Campaign Goal: $22.5 million
$27 M

A Message From Dean Kurt Pregitzer

Dear Friends,

The College of Natural Resources has trained natural resources managers for more than 100 years. We areDean Kurt Pregitzer passionate about educating students, connecting with managers and stakeholders, and providing leadership to facilitate the understanding and stewardship of natural resources.

Much of our success comes from the commitment of our research and teaching faculty, who have a long history of internationally renowned leadership in the natural, physical and social sciences and whose work is grounded in the issues and needs of the state and region. They are also revered for their excellent teaching and dedication to students. Our faculty provides critical leadership to our government. Their research helps inform policy that improves natural resource ecology and management across the globe. Our quality reputation is forged by the support of people like you who have a passion for the natural world.

Hands-on field experiences are a hallmark of our college and are as important today as they were 100 years ago. We are fortunate to have a residential campus located between Moscow Mountain and the beautiful hills of the Palouse, a perfect setting for natural resources education. The McCall Field Campus facility’s prime location provides students, faculty and community members with easy access to water systems, forests and mountains for untapped scientific research and discovery opportunities. Its residential capacity enables a unique living learning environment that tomorrow’s leaders would never otherwise experience. Taylor Wilderness Research Station is Idaho’s “crown jewel,” an outdoor paradise that provides an increasingly important and rare venue for scientific discovery. Its wilderness setting presents a unique opportunity for students and faculty to study and understand the human economic, social and political impacts on natural resources.

Through field trips and outdoor labs, we challenge students to apply the fundamentals of science-based education to real-life natural resource issues. Training that provides students with the skills they need to make Idaho and the nation globally competitive is of the utmost importance.

Partner with us to continue CNR’s great 100-year tradition by supporting the students, faculty, facilities and programs necessary to produce the next generation of global natural resource professionals. Together, we can make Idaho more vibrant economically, improve education and sustain the remarkably beautiful landscapes we know and love. We are pleased to announce Inspiring Futures: Invest in the University of Idaho. With your engagement, CNR will raise $22.5 million to:

  • Enrich our students’ experiential learning opportunities through field experiences and educational programs;
  • Attract and retain quality faculty and staff;
  • Enhance facilities.

Kurt Pregitzer
Dean, College of Natural Resources

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