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Olivia McDanielOlivia McDaniel | Anthropology

"I always wanted to study abroad, but when I saw there were national opportunities, I wanted the chance to get out and explore my own country,” says McDaniel. “Hawaii was an easy decision to explore academics, a new place and culture - both on land and underwater.”  Read More 

Kim BarnesKim Barnes | World-renowned Professor & Writer

“I grew up in the logging camps of north central Idaho, along the feeding streams of the Clearwater River, much of the time without electricity or running water,” recalls Kim Barnes. Read More

Raquel AmadorRaquel Amador | Spanish & Anthropology

"The knowledge that I've gained through my experiences in Latin America have affected my every thought, opinion, and even my life decisions,” said Amador. “Eventually, I would love to be involved in shaping policies that include the exploration, involvement and support of Latin American peoples and culture, though I feel I have to start with the history of the land and its people in order to better understand the issues of today.” 
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Juan CoronaJuan Corona | Broadcasting Digital Media

"I came to the UI perusing my lifelong dream of becoming the first person in my family to graduate with a college degree. I came to further my education as a way to open doors for my brothers to follow. In the last three years I believe my experience has transformed me into the person that I am today; which is a self-motivated, goal driven, student activist who believes in leading by example." Read More

Rachel HerndonRachel Herndon | Music & International Studies

"People have an interest in creating stronger intercultural relations, and in using music as a tool to do that,” says Herndon. “Everybody understands music. Even if they don’t have a background in it or speak the language of the lyrics, they can still connect with it." 
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