Campaign Goal: $2 million
$1.8 M

Robert J. Harder Memorial Scholarship

Robert J. HarderRob Harder was raised on a farm in Eastern Washington and swore he would never attend the University of Idaho following a mandatory FFA field trip. Years later, the University of Idaho became his school of choice, and Moscow became his year-round home for the next five years. Rob dove into university life with gusto. In addition to a rigorous academic schedule, Rob participated in marching band, the honors program, dorm leadership, club leadership, committee assignments,and volunteer opportunities. He developed relationships with students and faculty throughout the University, and Moscow.

He was a well-rounded citizen, educated in fine arts, who was willing and able to participate in his community to make the world a better place. He became known for his availability, and admired for his dependability, optimism, curiosity, and imagination. Rob graduated from the University of Idaho in December 2008 with a BFA in studio art, history minor, and completion of the Honors Program requirements. Shortly after graduating, Rob was diagnosed with a rare and deadly T-cell lymphoma and died in May, 2010.
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