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Tom Prewitt

Tom Prewitt

Inspiring Those Who Inspire Us

“If you choose natural resources, you have to do it because you love natural resources. Jobs are very competitive. The College of Natural Resources requires students to have experience as part of the curriculum to graduate, so you have to get summer experience, in between coursework or study abroad,” said Tom Prewitt ’07, ’12.

After serving in the Army, Prewitt returned to school working towards a bachelor’s degree in wildlife resources. He chose the University of Idaho because of its wildlife program and the real world opportunities provided to students.

Tom Prewitt“I like my department head, Dr. Kerry Reese. He’s quite an inspiration. He reminded me of some of my Non- Commissioned Officers when I was in the service because he was pretty strict,” said Prewitt. “Some kids were nervous around him but I took it in stride. He challenged us as students and I liked the challenge.”

“Operation Education helped me with financial support. While working towards my undergraduate degree, it helped pay for childcare for my son. While I was in graduate school for Natural Resources, it helped financially. If it weren’t for the extra money, I wouldn’t be able to afford school,” said Prewitt.

Today, Prewitt is taking his knowledge from his coursework and applying it to real world situations. He recently graduated with a master’s degree in natural resources.

“I’m a wildlife habitat biologist for the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. I work on the Albeni Falls Wildlife Mitigation Project, which is funded through the Bonneville Power Administration. It’s for lost wildlife lands from the Albeni Falls Dam, up on the Priest River,” said Prewitt. Prewitt is just one example of the 20 recipients who have received financial support through the Operation Education Scholarship Program.

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