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W-4 and Direct Deposit Setup Instructions

For new and returning employees, online set-up should be available within 2 weeks of your start date - when the "Employees" button appears on your VandalWeb menu.

To set up your W-4:

  1. Log into VandalWeb.
  2. Choose "Employees."
  3. Choose "Payroll."
  4. Choose "W-4 Tax Exemptions / Allowances."
  5. Click on "Update" and follow the instructions to update your federal tax exemption and state tax exemption.
    1. Effective Date of change should follow the effective date of payroll periods; the most current date will auto fill.
    2. Deduction Status: Most employees' status should be Active; if you choose Exempt, please verify:
      • I claim exemption from withholding for the tax year specified, and I certify that I meet both of the following conditions for exemption.
        • Last year I had a right to a refund of all federal income tax withheld because I had no tax liability and
        • This year I expect a refund of all federal income tax withheld because I expect to have no tax liability.
      • If you meet both conditions, select "Exempt" in the deduction status field.
    3. Select a Filing Status and Number of Allowances.
    4. Click on Certify Changes to save your selections.

Do you not have a checking or savings account to setup for Direct Deposit?

The University of Idaho offers a FREE Pre-Paid Payroll Card, the Aline Card. Receive your paycheck faster than waiting for a paycheck in the mail. Please contact Payroll by email at or call 208-885-3866 for details on the Aline Card and how to get your card today!

To set up Direct Deposit:

  1. Log into VandalWeb.
  2. Click on Employees.
  3. Click on Payroll.
  4. Click on Direct Deposit Review or Update.
  5. Click on Update Direct Deposit Allocation.
  6. If you currently have Direct Deposit setup, but need to delete and change it:
    1. Follow steps 1 through 5 above.
    2. Click on the bank name under your current allocation.
    3. Select the box next to Inactivate to turn this account off.
    4. Select Save.
    5. Follow the steps under Step 8 below to set up a new account. (If you do not inactivate your old direct deposit first, you will get an error message.)
  7. If you currently have Direct Deposit setup, but need to adjust how it is split between accounts:
    1. Follow steps 1 through 5 above.
    2. Clink on the bank name under your current allocation.
    3. Change Amount or Percent to your new amount and select Save.
  8. If you have never set up a direct deposit with UI before . . . .
    1. Click on Add New Direct Deposit.
    2. Enter your bank's routing number:
      1. As seen in the example below, your routing number is typically found at the bottom left corner of your checks between the two "|:".
      2. If this is a savings account, you may need to contact your bank and ask for your account's routing number.
Check Routing Example
Illustration of bank routing number and bank account number on a check.
    1. Once the routing number is entered, the bank name will be automatically generated in the box to the right.  If the bank name is not correct, please stop and contact our office directly; we will need to see a voided check in order to manually update the routing number and bank name association. If the bank name does match, please continue to the next field.
    2. Enter your account number. This should be the next series of numbers found on your check after the routing number. Be sure that you do not include your check number.
    3. You will need to enter the account number a second time to ensure accuracy.
    4. Indicate if it is a checking or savings account.
    5. Indicate if you want a flat dollar amount or a percentage of your paycheck contributed to this account.  IF YOU WANT ALL OF YOUR PAYCHECK TO GO INTO THIS ACCOUNT, PLEASE ENTER 100 PERCENT.
    6. If you enter a specific dollar amount or a percentage less than 100%, the remaining amount will be entered as a check and sent to wherever your check mailing address is.
    7. If you want to split your paycheck between multiple accounts:
      1. Enter the percentage or dollar amount and then click on save.
      2. Click on Update Direct Deposit Allocation.
      3. Enter the other account information the same way as above.
      4. Then select the remaining amount for the rest of your payroll check to go into this account. REMEMBER: When splitting your check over multiple accounts, be sure that the total percentage adds up to 100%.

Physical Address:
415 West 6th Street
Moscow, ID

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4345 
Moscow, ID 83844-4345

Phone: 208-885-3868

Fax: 208-885-3864