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Job Descriptions for Student and Temp Employees

  • Step 1: Choose a Classification

    Classifications simplify for departments and applicants the type of position that is posted. The department can choose whatever title they wish to help define the job.

    Classification & Classification Series Number Types of Positions Found in this Classification
    Administrative Support
    Office/Clerical/Secretarial/Customer Service work
    Finance/Accounting/Budget work
    Program Service Support including some Event Planning/Logistics
    General Labor/Transport
    Custodial/Cleaning work
    Landscaping/General Manual Labor work
    Dishwashing/Kitchen Clean-up
    Driving/Deliver Driving work
    General Farm/Field Labor
    Computer Technology
    Network/Desktop Security/Onsite Computer Service/Technical Support work, Computer Lab Monitoring
    On-Call Service
    Web Development/Design
    Programming, Database Analysis work
    GIS programming
    Research Support
    Laboratory/Research/Field work
    GIS work
    Scientific/Technical Analyst work
    non-scientific research and analysis work
    Publications work (online or print)
    Editing (online, video, audio or print) work
    Telephone Interviewing
    Audio/Video/Print Production work
    Semi-skilled to Skilled Labor/Trades work
    Event Set-up/Security
    Building/Vehicle/Motor Pool Maintenance work
    Parking Attendant
    HVAC/Refrigeration/Carpentry work
    Academic/Student Support
    Student Advising
    Classroom Assistance
    Activity Leaders
    Student Facilitators/Advisors/Chaperones/Mentors
    Human Services
    Community or Group Education or Advising
    Child Care
    Water Safety/CPR/First Aid Instructors
    Ticket Sales
    Retail Sales
    Copy Center sales
  • Step 2: Choose a Level

    The amount of responsibility assumed and level of decision making as well as the difficulty or specialization of the work will factor into how much you should pay an employee to perform the work. Choose from the levels described below to help determine the pay range of your position.

    Level of PositionPay RangeFactors and Guidelines Determining the Level
    Level 1
    Entry level, nonskilled positions.
    7.25- $10.00+
    Depending on experience

    Employees are trained by the employing department and usually work under direct supervision. Duties are generally routine/repetitious and may include light physical effort.

    Job Descriptions for this level may include the following language for the job description: Minimum Qualifications: Ability to, Willingness to, Physical Ability to, Some knowledge of, Understanding of, Familiarity with, Skill in (moderate level), Demonstrated ability to, Experience (no minimum required and only for routine, non-skilled and non-discretionary tasks such as filing, sorting, etc). Responsibilities section describes work as “assisting with”.

    Level 2 $8.00-$12.00+
    Depending on Experience

    Requires knowledge or 3 months + of experience or some academic and/or technical skills. Duties are routine but require some judgmental decisions and responsibilities. Employees have less supervision once duties are learned. Employee may eventually train/lead activities of other employees.

    Job Descriptions for this level may include the following language for the job description in addition to any described for Level 1: Minimum Qualifications: Knowledge of, Good knowledge of, Experience (not to exceed 1 year required), Education (some).

    Level 3 $9.50-$13.00+
    Depending on experience

    Requires a combination of some related education or advanced technical skills AND some related work experience in order to meet the requirements of the position. Supervision can be minimal and work is varied, requiring a high level of initiative and judgment in work/assignments. Employee may train/supervise/lead/coordinate activities of other employees.

    Job Descriptions for this level may include the following language for the job description in addition to any described for lower levels: Minimum Qualifications: Experience (a year or more may be required), Education (two years or more may be required). Supervisory experience or knowledge may be required.

    Level 4 $13.00 - No upper limit/hour Positions in this class may require a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree or Ph.D. OR require independent performance, decision making and accountability AND at least a year of comparable full-time work experience. Employee may independently oversee a program, service or project and supervise other employees with a high level of accountability for outcomes.
  • Step 3: Create the Job Description

    Next you will need to create a job description to use for posting your position, communicating your expectations, and measuring your employee’s success. A job description is comprised of the following:


    List the classification you chose in Step 1.

    Position Title

    Choose from the titles in the classification most closely associated with your position.

    Working Title

    Give the position a title that describes the work.

    Major Function

    List the purpose of the job—why the job is important.


    Responsibility, % of Time, Essential/Marginal

    This section assists in describing the position AND assists with compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. List the main results to be accomplished by the employee. Define each result as either essential or marginal. Essential responsibilities: identify the need for the position; i.e.; the reason the position exists. Marginal responsibilities: required to be performed, but are not the reason for which this particular position exists and usually are a small amount of time. At least 5 percent of each job description will contain marginal elements. Then assign what percentage of time of the overall workload (100%) each result will require. Under each result, list how the result should be accomplished.


    • Provides information by: 25% of Time, Essential
    • Greeting and referring customers and visitors; responding to email, phone and in-person queries…
    • Contributes to team effort by: 5% of Time, Marginal
    • Performing related duties as assigned.

    Minimum Qualifications

    List the required qualifications to perform the primary purpose of the job.

    Additional Desirable Qualifications

    List any additional qualifications to meet employers needs efficiently; these are not necessary to perform the basic functions of the job.

    Once the position is filled, the supervisor and employee should review the job description together and sign it.

  • Step 4: Putting It All Together

    Now that you have chosen which Classification your position will fall under and determined the Level based on the level of skill/responsibility/discretion, you can put them together to come up with the number to use for posting your position in the online Applicant Tracking System. See the following table for Classifications, Levels and corresponding ATS Class Codes to use for posting.

    ClassificationJob TitleClass CodesPay Range
    Administrative Support
    Administrative Support 121101Level 1: $7.25 to $10.00+
    Administrative Support 221102Level 2: $8.00 to $12.00+
    Administrative Support 321103Level 3: $9.50 to $13.00+
    Administrative Support 421104Level 4: $13.00 +
    General Labor/Transport
    General Labor/Transport 122101Level 1: $7.25 to $10.00+
    General Labor/Transport 222102Level 2: $8.00 to $12.00+
    General Labor/Transport 322103Level 3: $9.50 to $13.00+
    General Labor/Transport 422104Level 4: $13.00 +
    Computer Technology/Info Systems
    Computer Technology 123101Level 1: $7.25 to $10.00+
    Computer Technology 223102Level 2: $8.00 to $12.00+
    Computer Technology 323103Level 3: $9.50 to $13.00+
    Computer Technology 423104Level 4: $13.00 +
    Research Support
    Research Support 124101Level 1: $7.25 to $10.00+
    Research Support 224102Level 2: $8.00 to $12.00+
    Research Support 324103Level 3: $9.50 to $13.00+
    Research Support 424104Level 4: $13.00 +
    Communications/Media 125101Level 1: $7.25 to $10.00+
    Communications/Media 225102Level 2: $8.00 to $12.00+
    Communications/Media 325103Level 3: $9.50 to $13.00+
    Communications/Media 425104Level 4: $13.00 +
    Maintenance/Security 126101Level 1: $7.25 to $10.00+
    Maintenance/Security 226102Level 2: $8.00 to $12.00+
    Maintenance/Security 326103Level 3: $9.50 to $13.00+
    Maintenance/Security 426104Level 4: $13.00 +
    Academic/Student Support
    Academic/Student Support 127101Level 1: $7.25 to $10.00+
    Academic/Student Support 227102Level 2: $8.00 to $12.00+
    Academic/Student Support 327103Level 3: $9.50 to $13.00+
    Academic/Student Support 427104Level 4: $13.00 +
    Human Services
    Human Services 128101Level 1: $7.25 to $10.00+
    Human Services 228102Level 2: $8.00 to $12.00+
    Human Services 328103Level 3: $9.50 to $13.00+
    Human Services 428104Level 4: $13.00 +
    Retail Sales
    Retail/Sales 129101Level 1: $7.25 to $10.00+
    Retail/Sales 229102Level 2: $8.00 to $12.00+
    Retail/Sales 329103Level 3: $9.50 to $13.00+
    Retail/Sales 429104Level 4: $13.00 +