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Human Resources and the University of Idaho Project Teams would like to provide the university community with informational links throughout the duration of the Classification and Compensation study, in an effort to answer questions, provide relevant information, and to address concerns.

  • Administrative Level Descriptions

    HR has developed guidelines to help describe the differences between the five large groups of Admin positions.

    Administrative Assistant: (3)

    Duties may include:

    • Usually first line of contact
    • General office skills
    • Data entry
    • Informational for students or other customers
    • Scheduling meetings
    • No supervision of other staff

    Administrative Coordinator: (4)

    Duties may include:

    • Some financial processing
    • Coordinates administrative activities
    • Correspondence
    • Mid-level manager assistance
    • Event coordination
    • Higher level administrative work
    • Liaison for multiple departments
    • Supervising or leading other employees
    • Some external compliance

    Administrative Specialist: (4)

    Duties may include:

    • Perform administrative duties but primarily with less management assistance and more independent work
    • Titles formerly outside of the admin series

    Administrative & Financial Specialist: (5)

    Duties may include:

    • Primarily financial-related
    • Higher-level administrative work

    Management Assistant: (5)

    Duties may include:

    • Significant management responsibilities for or within a department
    • Assistance to high-level administrators
    • Managing and overseeing HR activity for unit
    • Interfacing with Faculty, exempt and classified staff
    • Troubleshooting and resolving problems at a higher level
  • Benchmarked Positions
  • Classification Process
  • Job Value Factors

    Job Value Factors

    Job value factors are the criteria used to evaluate a position for comparison among positions and placement into a salary structure.  Traditionally, in higher education, three broad factors are considered:

    Knowledge and Skills

    What is needed to effectively perform the duties of the position?

    • Difficulty of tasks performed and problems encountered in the course of the work (complexity and problem-solving). 
    • The types of knowledge skills, abilities (KSA), level and type of education and amount and type of work experience needed to qualify for the position and the KSAs and competencies needed for full success.

    Scope of Responsibility

    What ability does this position have to make or control contributions?

    • Scope – The variety of work assigned, the breadth of responsibility (e.g work unit versus University-wide); the required degree of interaction across the University departments the diversity of deadlines and priorities governing the work.
    • Management Responsibilities – Types and levels of positions managed; functions overseen; degree of management authority, complexity and diversity of work managed.
    • Resource and Budget Accountability – Amount, kind, discretion on spending, and complexity as determined by the number of funding sources; the extent to which the employee has responsibility for resources, the type of responsibility, including human, financial, and information systems.

    Range of Impact

    How “big” is the function, department or process touched?

    • Freedom to Act/Authority – Authority, autonomy, independence of action, level and types of decisions made and degree to which job tasks are dictated by policy, procedures, manuals, supervisors or department heads.
    • Communications – Types of verbal and written communication; who is typically communicated with; what information is typically communicated and what is the method of delivery.
    • Consequences of  Error – The impact and consequences of errors made in the course of the work, relative to the magnitude – from those easily rectified to those that cause major unit disruption; also referred to as the level of “risk.”
  • List of Position Classifications
  • Science and Research Level Descriptions

    Research Aide: (4)

    Duties may include:

    • Research set-up/take-down
    • Animal or research care

    Research Technician: (5)

    Duties may include:

    • Day-to-day operational tasks of research/lab
    • Performing research under supervision
    • Collect data/samples
    • Topic specific knowledge
    • May supervise students but not full-time staff

    Research Specialist: (6)

    Duties may include:

    • Collaborating/Coordinating with researcher
    • Performing research duties
    • Working and in-depth knowledge of topic
    • Analyzing results of data
    • Contribute to reports and findings
    • Training and supervising IH and student staff

    Research Support Scientist: (7)

    Duties may include:

    • Work on behalf of someone else
    • Greater collaboration with Principle Investigator (PI)
    • Supervision of at least one full-time staff
    • Collaborate with PI on grant writing and funding
    • Highly specialized knowledge in research field or technology
    • Collaborate with PI on research reports and findings

    Research Scientist: (8)

    Duties may include:

    • May manage own portfolio
    • Originating and directing research
    • Supervision of multiple full-time staff
    • Expert in research field or technology
    • Managing budget for research area
    • Main proprietor for grant funds
    • Main author on research reports and findings
  • List of Affirmative Action Coordinators

    University of Idaho Affirmative Action Coordinators




    Academic Affairs

    Patti Heath



    Julie Clarkson


    Amy Norman


    Agriculture & Life Sciences

    Charity Buchert


    Marty Lunt

    Art & Architecture

    Ellen McKenzie



    John Wallace


    Auxiliary Services

    Kim Malm


    Business & Economics

    Keri Moore



    Patricia Eberhardt



    Tammie Dahmen


    Enrollment Management

    Marilyn Pope



    Tracey Abdallah


    Finance & Administration

    Debbie Eisinger


    Graduate Studies

    Kathy Duke



    Margo Holthaus


    Mary George



    Linda Kiss


    Letters, Arts, & Sciences

    Jennie Hall


    Natural Resources

    Pam Bell


    President’s Office

    Jillian Benson


    Provost's Office

    Mary Stout


    Patti Heath


    Research Office 

    Larissa Labolle


    Lodi Price



    Lorrie Williams


    UI Boise

    Elisabeth Ridgway


    UI CDA

    Marcee Hartzell


    UI Idaho Falls

    Sara Moore


    University Library

    Sammantha Green


    Vice Provost for Student Affairs 

    Robin Shoemaker


    Marlene Wilson