Immigration & Financial Requirements

In order to pursue a degree, international students must be authorized in their current visa status.

Immigration regulations require that international students holding F-1 or J-1 student visas be certified as full-time students during the academic year. F-1 graduate students are required to be enrolled in 9 credit hours and are allowed to take up to 3 credits of on-line coursework towards this requirement. J-1 visa holders are also required to enroll in 9 credit hours, but are not allowed to take online classes toward the 9-credit requirement.

Other visa categories may be eligible to study in the U.S. Students who do not hold an F-1 or J-1 student status should contact the International Programs Office for rules governing enrollment while in the U.S.
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations require that every international student verify the availability of funds to pay for educational and living expenses before an I-20 or DS-2019 form to obtain a visa to enter the U.S. can be issued.

Complete and return the following to the Graduate Admissions Office regardless of your source(s) of funding:
Note: All financial documents must be in English and must bear a signature, official seal, or be on letterhead from an official agency. Documents must be dated within 6 months of receipt.
All students currently in F-1 status at any type of institution (college, university, intensive English institute) in the U.S. who plan to transfer to the University of Idaho must complete the transfer procedure through SEVIS. Complete this form and return by fax or mail to the Graduate Admissions Office at the University of Idaho.

SEVIS Record Transfer Request

Transfer Procedure:
1. Receive admission to the University of Idaho,
2. Notify your current school of your intentions to transfer,
3. Complete Part I of this form (only after you have been admitted and choose to attend UI),
4. Have an international student advisor at your current institution complete Part II,
5. After you and your current school have determined the date to have your SEVIS record electronically released to the University of Idaho, promptly return this form,
6. After the release date, the University of Idaho will produce an I-20.
Important Notes: 
  • All documents are subject to verification by University of Idaho.
  • All documents received by University of Idaho become the property of University of Idaho and will not be released to anyone or any institution--not even the applicant.
  • University of Idaho evaluates credentials earned through formal academic training only. Applicants should NOT submit documentation of short-term professional development courses or other non-formal, non-academic training with their application; as such documents will not be evaluated or reflected in the University of Idaho evaluation report.
  • If applicable, applicants must submit proof of name change. (Clear, legible photocopy of marriage certificate, for example.)
  • Some academic institutions can take several weeks to provide transcripts so applicants may want to request their transcript at the earliest possible
  • An Application and an Application Fee are valid for a specific degree, major, and semester. Any change in degree, major or semester before enrollment requires a new application.
  • Graduate Admissions will not disclose to an applicant reasons for denial. Graduate Admissions will encourage the student to contact the department directly and inquire how they might improve their application for future admissions. (The Department can choose to disclose or not.)