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We have attempted to answer the questions we hear most frequently. In addition, we have included links in our answers, which will take you to other University of Idaho departmental Web pages for more detailed information. If you do have other questions, please call 1-888-884-3246 and ask for Graduate Admissions.
  • How much is the application processing fee?
    The Application Fee for a Paper Application is $85.

    Apply Online and SAVE on your Application Fee.

    The online application Fees are:
    • $60 for domestic applicants, i.e. US Citizen/Permanent Resident
    • $70 for international applicants, i.e. Non-US citizen/Permanent Resident

    Important Note:
    An Application and Application Fee is valid for a specific degree, major, and semester. Please pay special attention when filling out your Application for Admission.
  • How long will it take to process my application?
    Admission matters ultimately involve the departmental administrator, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and Graduate Admissions. Admission decisions are made at the departmental level with final admission granted by the College of Studies.

    The departmental review can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months depending on the time of year and the schedules of the committee members.

    Applicants will receive the official notification from the Graduate Admissions Office.

    Please review the Graduate Admissions Evaluation Process for more information in the Graduate Admissions Evaluation Process.
  • How do I find information about taking the TOEFL or GRE test?
    The Student Counseling & Testing Center can provide dates and locations for the GRE and TOEFL tests offered at the U of I or a location nearest to you.

    The UI Institution Code for both the TOEFL & GRE is 4843.
    If you need a department code, and do not know what your department code is, use:

    TOEFL: 99
    GRE: 5199

  • How will I know which classes from my previous college(s) will transfer to UI?
    Credits can be transferred to UI, with the consent of the student's committee and the Dean of Graduate Studies, only if the institution from which the course credits are being transferred has a graduate program in the course discipline or, should there be no graduate program in the course discipline, if an exception can be granted by the Dean of Graduate Studies. Transfer credits are subject to all other graduate college rules and regulations. General Information Regarding College of Graduate Studies Services and Forms.
  • When is the Financial Aid application priority date?
    To receive full consideration for merit-based scholarships, your admission materials (application for admission, application fee, transcripts, etc.) must be on file with the Graduate Admissions Office by the Priority Deadline.
  • What will it cost to attend the University of Idaho?
    Current cost estimates including tuition, room & board, books and miscellaneous expenses are available on the Financial Aid's cost homepage.

  • How do I schedule a campus visit?
    Please fill out our graduate campus visit form and the campus visit coordinator will contact you to set up your visit.

  • How do I receive a University of Idaho catalog?
    The current catalog may be viewed on the WEB at http://www.uidaho.edu/catalog/.
  • How do I receive a Class Schedule?
    You may access the Class Schedule for the semester you are planning to enroll through the WEB at http://www.uidaho.edu/schedule/ as it becomes available, approximately the first of March for the Fall Semester or the first of October for the Spring semester.
  • Why do I need to speak to an academic advisor?
    The University of Idaho College of Graduate Studies recommends all graduate students be advised before registering for classes each semester. You should contact your department directly to find out who will serve as your major professor/advisor. The University of Idaho Departmental Directory lists e-mail addresses, telephone and FAX numbers for academic departments. You may use the toll free number 1-88-88-U-IDAHO and ask to be transferred to the appropriate department.
  • How do I register for classes?
    Students at the University of Idaho use WEB registration. Refer to the semester Class Schedule for instructions, dates and procedures.
  • What is my student ID number?
    Your letter of admission will include the student ID number and an explanation of the PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  • What is a PIN?
    Each new student is assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a student ID number. These numbers allow student access to WEB registration as well as other information pertinent to each student.
  • How do I get a student ID card?
    Student ID cards are available through the Vandal Card Office after you have been admitted and registered for classes.
  • When is New Graduate Student Orientation?
    The staff of the College of Graduate Studies presents orientation workshops for new graduate students at the beginning of each fall semester. Many departments also hold orientation activities. Students who are admitted for the spring or summer semester are encouraged to contact the College of Graduate Studies for assistance.
  • How do I become an Idaho resident for tuition/fee purposes?