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Educational Videos

To prepare for the Idaho pesticide applicator exams, study these videos listed on the eXtension online campus.

To access the eXtension Online Campus

Simply create your account at the national eXtension website. Each user must have their own identification name and password. Once you confirm your free account, you will have unlimited access to these online educational materials.

  1. Go to the eXtension classroom site:
  2. You will need to set up a username and password. Look for the confirmation email from
  3. Once confirmed, log in with your personal credentials.
  4. Access online courses.

Pesticide Math  

The Calculate Pesticides series includes real-world pesticide calculations in the following courses: 

  • General Math — review basic math concepts needed for calculating pesticides. 
  • Using Sprayers — develop math skills for calibrating yourself to application equipment. 
  • Application Rates — identify the math formulas necessary to calculate pesticide application rates. 


  • Idaho Chemigation from University of Idaho Extension Pesticide Safety Education on eXtension Online Campus

Law & Safety 

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