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Flea Beetles

Order: Coleoptera
Family: Chrysomelidae
Cabbage flea beetle (Psylliodes cruciferae)
Other flea beetles

flea beetle
Flea beetle

Pests as adults


  • Pinhead, bronze-black, hard-shelled beetles
  • Hop when disturbed

Host plants

  • Beets, cole crops and weeds (cabbage family), radishes, potatoes and tomatoes


  • Tiny, circular "shot-gun" holes and pits in leaves (especially cotyledons)


  • Adults overwinter in soil and plant debris
  • Strong fliers

Control Options


  • Protective row cover


  • Clean up weedy patches adjoining gardens
  • Avoid siting gardens near commercial canola fields
  • Fall or spring cultivation


  • Conserve native predatory insects


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