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Aphid and Adelgid

Order: Hemiptera
Superfamily: Aphidoidea

Bean aphid
Bean aphid

Pests as nymphs and adults


  • Pinhead size
  • Piercing/sucking mouthparts
  • Globular soft bodies (tear-drop, pear-shaped)
  • Long spindly legs & antennae
  • Twin "jet-pipe" cornicles (backward pointing abdominal tubes)
  • Slow moving
  • May or may not have wings


  • Wilting, twisted, malformed leaves and buds
  • Yellowing foliage
  • Some: galls
  • Some: plant pathogens
  • Sticky honeydew which attracts ants, bees & wasps and may lead to sooty mold
  • Some: cottony tufts or dirty-white crust on bark
  • Some: powdery waxy film


  • May overwinter as eggs, nymphs or adults
  • Pests as nymphs and adults
  • Asexual reproduction
  • Live young
  • Many offspring with short generation times



  • Protect with polyester-fiber row covers
  • Aluminum foil collars
  • Spray forcefully with garden hose
  • Yellow sticky traps


  • Proper nitrogen fertility
  • Compost culls


  • Conserve natural enemies (lady beetles, lacewing larvae, parasitic wasps, soldier beetles)
  • Mass-releases from commercial insectaries


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