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Idaho PAR provides an online IPM checklist and pesticide application record keeping tool.

The Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbooks offer pest management information for pests in Idaho, Oregon and Washington and are revised annually.

The University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program contains pest photos, management practices and some commonly used pesticides for pests in California. This site is a good reference, but you should also check to be sure pesticide products are registered for use in Idaho. Keep in mind that climate differences between Idaho and California may affect some of the recommended management practices.

Insects. Photos of insect pests with management recommendations, including lists of registered insecticides.

Additional publications on insects

Identification Keys: For Insect Pests in Pacific Northwest Field Crops. This tool allows you to identify a pest by starting with the affected crop and answering a series of basic questions to move through the dichotomous key, or looking through the pictures and brief descriptions of the pests covered in the key.

Weeds. Photos of weeds with lists of registered herbicides.

Additional publications on weeds

Plant Diseases. Photos of plant diseases with management recommendations, including lists of registered fungicides.

Additional publications on plant diseases.

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