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Training Manuals for Pesticide Licensing

The following manuals for the Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) are required for certification. 

Not sure which certification you need? Learn the difference between professional and private licenses.

Private Applicators

All applicators

Applicators applying pesticides and fertilizers through irrigation systems/chemigation

Applicators applying soil fumigants

Professional Applicators

Agricultural Herbicide (AH)

Agricultural Insecticide/Fungicide (AI)

Chemigation (CH)

Commodity Pest Control (CP)

Livestock Pest Control (LP)

Potato Cellar Pest Control (PC)

Rodent Control (RC)

Soil Fumigation (SF)

Seed Treatment (ST)

Statewide Consultant (SW)

Forest Environment (FE)

For information on study materials, contact Elizabeth Palmateer at the ISDA:

General Vertebrate Control (GV)

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