Title: University of Idaho Scholarship for Service Program
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Lead PIs: J. Alves-Foss and P. Oman

The University of Idaho continues its participation in the SFS program. The driving motive behind this project is the continued need to train IA professionals for entry into the federal workforce. By grouping students from multiple disciplines into the same labs and seminars the UofI SFS program provides a diversity and synergy that enables participants to appreciate the multifaceted aspects of IA, including perspectives from software, hardware, and management. The purpose of this project is predominately educational rather than research, so the intellectual merit of the proposed activity lies mostly in the preparation of students to enter the IA workforce. In the UofI SFS program the IA scholars have hands-on laboratory experiences with a variety of network configurations including reconfigurable attack-defend scenarios, real-time embedded systems, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Through these laboratories the IA scholars gain the knowledge and insights that enable them to design and implement more secure and survivable systems. The broader impact of providing IA training to students in the SFS program both improves society and provides benefits to a diverse student body. For society we will have more stable information infrastructures when they are designed and operated by individuals with an understanding of information assurance. The same is true for government infrastructures and policy makers. This interdisciplinary program helps scholars learn to appreciate the interconnectedness of computer networking, computer devices, audit logging and audit trails, and attracts women and minorities to the UofI, an EPSCOR school.