Internship Application

The student teaching application should be completed one year (two semesters) prior to the student teaching semester. A hard copy of the student teaching application with your advisor’s signature is due in the Student Services office November 1 for fall placements and April 1 for spring placements. For example, applications for Fall 2016 placements would be due Nov. 1, 2015. Applications for Spring 2017 placements would be due April 1, 2016. If either of those dates fall on a weekend, the applications would be due the following Monday. Mandatory informational meetings in Moscow are scheduled six to eight weeks before the application due date. You must attend one of the two meetings to get registered for the online application system.


1. Attend one of the student teaching orientation meetings. If you are admitted to Teacher Education, you will receive an email notification of the meeting date and time. If you miss the meetings, contact Director of Field Experience, Dr. Matthew Coulter, to set up an appointment. Once you have received the information you need to fill out the application, have your advisor review and sign it and return it to the Student Services office.

2. You must be fully accepted into the College of Education Teacher Education program at the time the application is due (only graduate students and recent transfer students can use the conditional admission process) or your internship application will be processed on a space available basis it may delay your internship until requirements are met.

3. You must meet all deadlines for the application and test scores. Any applications turned in after the deadline will be processed on a space-available basis. Applications are not usually accepted after the close of the semester in which the application is due.

4. You may not have any course work left to take during or after the internship that is not part of the internship semester or year. Any exceptions to this will require permission from the chair of your department.

5. Your degree audit must be current and accurate – if not, work with your advisor to get this taken care of. We use these degree audits to help determine your eligibility. Please attach an explanation if there is something we need to be aware of.

6. If you already have a bachelor’s degree and are a “certification only” student, you must do the following if you have not already done so:
  • Declare a “certification only” program through the Registrar’s office
  • Your degree audit must be satisfied OR you need to turn in a copy of your degree checklist to Tammy Bowen. This is especially important if you have a lot of transfer credits and/or substitution waivers.
7. You must have passing scores on the assessment(s) required for certification by the start of the semester before your internship (August for spring placements and January for fall placements). Placement coordinators will not begin to secure an internship placement until all passing scores are on file. It may take up to four weeks to get tests results. Plan ahead and give yourself adequate time to complete these activities.