COE student and faculty

Education Undergraduate Advising

Teacher Education Program candidates will work closely with academic advisors to assure that they meet the criteria for each step in the admission and continuation process. When a student identifies teacher education as his or her objective (this could be as early as the freshman year and certainly no later than admission to Teacher Education Programs), the education advisor is designated.

Students seeking  teaching certifications have the option of completing their bachelor's degrees in the College of Education (except for agricultural education, family life education, and music education) or in the department of their subject major. 

Contact the following, Lauren BowersoxAndrea Chavez or Harjeet Sandu-Fuller for a sample registration plan of suggested courses and for a worksheet for drafting your schedule.


Refer to the transfer student advising page for specific instructions for students with more than 14 credits from another University who have transferred to the University of Idaho.

The College of Education does not evaluate transcripts. Transcripts must be submitted to the UI registrar’s office for official transcript analysis. When their analysis is complete, the department will determine changes or other substitutions.

For information regarding specific career paths for graduates, please make an appointment to speak with one of the College of Education faculty members in your program. You can also find helpful tips on how to prepare for launching your career at the University of Idaho Career Center.