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Penny Tenuto

Penny Tenuto, Ph.D.

Office: 440K
Phone: (208) 364-4015
Email: ptenuto@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address:
322 E. Front Street, Suite 440
Boise, ID 83702

College of Education
Educational Leadership
Assistant Professor

Campus Locations: Boise
With UI Since 2010

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Democratic Professional Practice in Education (DPPE)
    • Leadership influence to expand capacity for collaboration
    • Rethinking professional practices, traditional school structures, and school and community partnerships for educational renewal.
  • Biography
    Dr. Tenuto held administrative and leadership positions in education and in the private sector prior to earning her Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership at the University of Idaho. Her areas of research interest include cultivating democratic professional practice in education (DPPE) (Tenuto, 2014) and rethinking professional praxis in education for advancing leadership and expanding capacity for personal and professional growth.
  • Selected Publications
    • Tenuto, P. L. (Ed.) Renewed accountability for access and excellence: Applying a model for democratic professional practice in education. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. Available October 2015 at: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781498518611/Renewed-Accountability-for-Access-and-Excellence-Applying-a-Model-for-Democratic-Professional-Practice-in-Education

    • Tenuto, P. L., Gardiner, M. E., & Yamamoto, J. K. (2015). Administrators in action – Managing public funds: A teaching case study including a method for processing emotion. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership (JCEL), 18(3), 253-263. 

    • Gardiner, M. & Tenuto, P. (2015). Reflections of practicing school principals on ethical leadership and decision-making: Confronting social injustice. The Journal of Values-Based Leadership (JVBL). Vol. 8: Iss. 2, Article 6. Available at: http://scholar.valpo.edu/jvbl/vol8/iss2/6 

    • Tenuto, P. L. (2014). Advancing leadership: Cultivating democratic professional practice in education (DPPE). SAGE Open, 4(2). doi: 10.1177/2158244014530729. Available at: http://sgo.sagepub.com/content/4/2/2158244014530729

    • Gardiner, M., Howard, M., & Tenuto, P., & Muzaliwa, A. (2014). Authentic leadership praxis for democracy: A narrative inquiry of one state superintendency. International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory and Practice (IJLE), 17(2), 217-236. 

    • Yamamoto, J. K., Gardiner, M. E., & Tenuto, P. L. (2014). Emotion in leadership: Secondary school administrators’ perceptions of critical incidents (CI). Educational Management Administration and Leadership (EMAL), 42(2), 165-185. 

    • Tenuto, P., Cannon, J. G., & Kitchel, A. (2013). Joining forces to advance teaching and learning of 21st century skills: Idaho school leaders’ perspectives. Education in a Democracy: A Journal of the NNER, 5, 141-158.  

    • Tenuto, P. L.  & Gardiner, M. E. (2013). Seeking balance between challenge and success in an age of accountability: A first-year faculty growth model (FFGM). Journal of International Education and Leadership (JIEL), 3(2). ISSN: 2161-7252