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Diversity, Equity & Community

The University of Idaho seeks to transform and broaden diversity in every respect as it relates to our campus culture and climate. Our commitment to engage with diversity, utilizing it as a learning opportunity, and to celebrate and embrace the opportunities and challenges that life in a genuinely multicultural campus community brings is reflected in the Strategic Plan. Notably, diversity is a consistent thread throughout the conceptual framework and mission of the University, with the desired outcome that it be woven into the very fabric which makes our institution great. Several of our strategies include:
  • Develop a socially healthy and welcoming environment characterized by trust and respect that allows for open and honest dialogue about difficult issues and differences.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse body of students, staff and faculty to enrich the quality of our University’s activities.
  • Provide all new students and employees the opportunity for diversity and cultural competency training as a component of their orientation and offer ongoing training for all in leadership roles.
Recognizing the importance of the conversation regarding diversity that is taking place nationally, and more specifically, in our great state of Idaho, our university desires to identify strategies for engagement, and seeks to position itself as a leader. Central to the larger conversations are discussions of inclusivity and equal opportunity framed in the understanding that it is precisely at the intersections of difference that the most passionate discussions regarding diversity are taking place.

The University of Idaho and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Community  has outlined a roadmap for the University to follow in its efforts to enhance diversity. The plan sets forth in great detail the actions needed to “prepare students to face the challenges of an increasingly diverse interconnected and independent world.” The University’s Task Force on Diversity Implementation Report (2006) recognized that in order to establish sustainable diversity efforts/initiatives to improve the overall institutional climate so that it is supportive of and clearly values diversity, there must be an emphasis on linkages with other departments and programs, collaboration, interrelationships, and community building to facilitate system-wide institutional change by developing a greater awareness and more complex understanding of diversity, including but not limited to student effectiveness, student learning experiences, outreach and engagement, organization, culture and climate.