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Professional Science Master's in Natural Resources & Environmental Science, M.

Where science, business and professional skills meet.

Today’s environmental scientists must go beyond the science to gain skills that will allow them to work effectively in business and industry.

That’s why we created the professional science master (PSM) degree. In this interdisciplinary program, you will gain advanced scientific scientific training, along with professional skills such as project management and communications that will prepare you to succeed in the professional workplace.

This program is one of the few professional science master degree programs in the nation that specializes in environmental science and water resources.

This degree could be a good fit if you:

  • Want a science career in business or industry
  • Are interested in the multidisciplinary study of natural resources and the environment
  • Want practical workforce training
  • Have an educational background in biological, environmental, or natural resource sciences, or closely related fields

With this degree, you could become a/an:

  • Environmental/natural resources policy representative
  • Water resources manager or consultant
  • Risk assessment/compliance specialist
  • Environmental consultant or planner
  • Environmental project manager
  • Regulatory Specialist

Available On-Campus