• Overview
  • The link between technology, people and business.

    Behind nearly every organization, you will find a complex network of electronic data. In this major, you will develop the skills to plan, build and direct the sophisticated information systems (IS) that drive business today.

    As an IS student, you will learn how to design and manage secure, reliable computer systems that help businesses operate efficiently and allow people and companies to exchange and store all types of information. You will study software and hardware systems, telecommunications, data resources, IS administration and more.

    IS professionals know technology, but they must also understand business. That’s why, through a nationally recognized Integrated Business Curriculum, you will gain valuable practical knowledge and experience not only in information systems, but also in management, marketing, finance, operations and other business functions.

  • Degree Fit
  • This program could be a good fit if you:
    • Enjoy working with technology
    • Are an analytical thinker
    • Are a creative problem solver
    • Like to be challenged
    • Work well with people
    • Have an interest in business and computers
  • Career Outcomes
  • With this degree, you may become a:
    • Network engineer
    • Information systems manager
    • Web administrator
    • Systems developer
    • Software developer
    • Information technology consultant
    • Network administrator
    • Web developer
    • Database administrator
    • Support and maintenance technician
    • Business analyst