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ROTC Student Experiences

ROTC offers such a wide range of possibilities for students, allowing them to get their schooling paid for provided they serve in the United States military as a commissioned officer upon graduation.

For example, Army ROTC cadet Marcelina Trejo aspires to be a pediatrician and attend medical school, something she discovered she could do through ROTC by branching through the Medcorps. Already enlisted in the Army National Guard, Trejo loved the environment structure, and planned to continue to immerse herself in that lifestyle by joining ROTC at the University of Idaho.

“I was like, you know what, I want to do this forever,” Trejo said, thinking back on her introduction to military life. “I’m hoping that ROTC will help me move to the medical route of military service.”

Air Force ROTC cadets Rachel Gimmeson and Alexa LaRue have more traditional paths laid out through ROTC, with Gimmeson wanting to be a pilot and LaRue desiring to work as an Officer of Special Investigations.

ROTC attracts a unique type of individual, one who is ready to commit to the 5 a.m. PT mornings, last minute events and crazy field training exercises. It is a massive time commitment and any cadet knows that ROTC comes first.

“I know that in my job interview, I told them that my life primarily revolves around Air Force ROTC,” said LaRue, trying to explain the balance between school, work, social life and ROTC.

“You learn to work with it,” Gimmeson added, elaborating on LaRue’s point. “I’m not much of a social creature so it works for me.”

From crazy wake-up hours, last minute events and additional gym hours, ROTC is an incredible bonding experience. Cadets quickly form strong friendships from their shared experiences and countless hours spent together at all times of the day. It’s an unforgettable experience that can jumpstart students into some of the most incredible careers of their lives.

What’s been your favorite ROTC memory?

Listen as Air Force ROTC cadet Rachel Gimmeson talks to us about one of her favorite ROTC memories.

How has time management become a bigger part of your life?

ROTC, school, work, friends, how can you do it all? Marcelina Trejo breaks down how time management has become a major player in her life.

How would you pitch ROTC to someone thinking about joining the program?

ROTC is more than just a military program, something Alexa LaRue explains to us as she gives us her pitch for the ROTC lifestyle.

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