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YouTube Guidelines

The principal purposes of Idaho’s YouTube channel are to facilitate student recruitment, support alumni relations, and increase awareness of the University’s unique role in higher education. A predominate feature of YouTube is to present brief videos that are intriguing and/or entertaining. Videos should be appropriate for the Youtube space. Lectures, forums, or content that is purely academic is best suited for services like iTunesU or Ustream.

  • Video Content
    Content on the Univeristy’s YouTube channel should be varied and showcase all aspects of education and campus life at the University of Idaho. Maintaining a balanced portfolio of videos is crucial for growing the channel. Videos that demonstrate Idaho’s position as the first choice for students, and present this information in an intriguing and/or entertaining way, are ideal. Videos that showcase students engaged in learning, campus activities, and student projects are also appropriate.

    Videos of a nonacademic nature are also welcomed on the University’s YouTube channel if they demonstrate an obvious connection to the University of Idaho. For example, a video of football highlights from the 2009 season or a video of a University student club activity. Videos of this nature are a potential draw for the University’s YouTube channel but should not dominate the portfolio.

    Videos should be scripted or produced in a manner that allows the viewer to quickly understand the context surrounding the video. Excerpts and clips can be confusing to the viewer and are not appropriate to showcase on the official YouTube channel.

    Videos need not be professionally produced but should meet reasonable quality standards. Professional commercials may be considered for posting if they reflect one of the three purposes identified above.
  • Video Length

    YouTube analytics reveals that the majority of lengthy videos lose viewership after only a couple of minutes (in many cases, less than 20 seconds). Presently, YouTube limits videos to 10 minutes. Only in very unusual circumstances will videos of this length be posted on the University’s YouTube channel. Preference will be given to videos that are approximately two minutes or less.

  • Video Branding

    Videos should contain essential branding elements of the University of Idaho, including an approved University of Idaho logo or the legible name of the University at the beginning of the video; a logo bug during the duration of the video is also acceptable. Appropriate tagging is essential to ensuring syndicated videos are properly attributed as creative works of the University of Idaho. Preference will be given to videos that include additional branding elements including the use of the University’s approved color palette, signature graphics, etc. Exceptional videos will reinforce key themes from the University’s brand platform.

  • Commenting, Rating, and Syndication

    Videos that are posted to the University’s YouTube channel should be fully accessible to the YouTube community. Videos should be open to commenting and rating; however, the University will screen all comments for profane or defamatory language before posting. YouTube videos will also be open for syndication (embedding). Videos that are not appropriate for commenting may be placed on secondary Youtube accounts that exist for hosting purposes.

  • Tagging/Description

    UCM requests that the submitters provide the necessary background information so that UCM can craft a brief description and tag the video. Location and production information (when the video was filmed) is also helpful.

  • Privacy

    Submitting entities must ensure that permission was obtained and talent releases were signed by all identifiable people in the video. It is not necessary to obtain permission of people that were filmed in a public space (normally this means outside).

  • Copyrighted Material

    YouTube takes measures to ensure that copyrighted material (video, images, and music/soundtrack) is promptly removed from its site. A user is flagged and his/her privileges can be revoked for repeat copyright violations. Please make sure that you have permission to use the music/soundtrack and images contained in the video.