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Onesmo Balemba
Associate Professor

My research focuses on the pathophysiology of diseases that affect gastrointestinal (GI) functions. My aim is to gain a better understanding of neuromuscular and immune system host responses in diabetes, and infectious diarrhea, and therapeutic strategies for these conditions.

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Associate Professor

Renfrew 02 | 885-4349
Research: Using time resolved spectroscopy to study biomolecular structure and dynamics.

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Steven Chandler
Professor of English and Neuroscience; Director of M.A. TESL Program;

Steven Chandler teaches linguistics and studies the application of exemplar-based (or instance-based) models of cognition to the representation and processing of language in the brain.

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Rajal Cohen
Assistant Professor

Rajal Cohen studies the interconnectedness of cognition, posture, and action, with a special interest in principles that apply accross the spectrum from high performance to dysfunction.

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Brian Dyre
Associate Professor

Brian Dyre's research interests include Visual Psychophysics, Mathematical Modeling of Visual Processes, and Visual Displays and Virtual Environments.

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Elizabeth Ann Fortunato

Research interests: Understanding the mechanism behind the development of morbidity and mortality in infants congenitally infected with human cytomegalovirus (HCMV)

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James Frenzel
Associate Professor

GJL 207 | 885-7532

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Peter G. Fuerst
Assistant Professor

My lab is attempting to identify and understand the molecular cues that promote development of the nervous system by studying mice that have mutations in recognition factors and that express fluorescent markers that label specific neural cell types.

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Milos Manic
Associate Professor, Director, CS Program at Idaho Falls

Research Areas: Computational intelligence, intelligent control, data mining, and modern heuristics with various applications such as vision, image recognition, mechatronics, intrusion detection, decision theory, reliability and performability modeling

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Craig McGowan
Assistant Professor

My research interests are centered on understanding the relationships between the musculoskeletal morphology of terrestrial vertebrate animals (including humans) and the biomechanics and neural control of locomotor performance.

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Steven Meier
Associate Professor

Steven Meier is currently the director of the University of Idaho Addictions Training Program. His academic training and expertise is in applied psychology with a specialization in addictive and high-risk behavior.

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Jeff Seegmiller
Director of WWAMI Medical Education Program; Associate Professor

Research interests: Musculoskeletal injury mechanisms and injury prevention. Focus areas: Landing mechanics; Ankle inversion and fibularis latency; ski equipment and its effects on the lower extremity biomechanics; models and quality in professional and post professional education programs.

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Terry Soule

Research Areas: Evolutionary computation, biological modeling

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Deborah Stenkamp
Malcolm and Carol Renfrew Faculty Fellow

Stenkamp’s research interests center on the examination of cellular and molecular mechanisms of vertebrate retinal development and regeneration, with a specific focus on photoreceptor differentiation, using zebrafish as the primary experimental model.

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Steffen Werner
Associate Professor

Steffen Werner's research interests are in visual and spatial cognition, virtual environments, human factors, and applied cognitive psychology. He has created the website "goCognitive.net" which provides educational resources for the field of cognitive neuroscience.

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