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Neuroscience Electives

Neurobiology | Computational Neuroscience | Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience
The neuroscience elective courses provide more detailed knowledge of Neuroscience, and provide the depth needed to support graduate research. The list of elective courses will evolve with the research interests of the Neuroscience faculty participants. The M.S. will require at least four elective credits and the Ph.D. will require at least 25. Other courses may be required as determined by the students committee and with approval of the program director. The listing of current core and suggested elective courses are as follows:


Biol ID&WS-J417/ID&WS-J517 Endocrine Physiology See AVS J451/J551.
Biol J423 Comparative Vertebrate Physiology (4 cr)
Biol ID427 Vertebrate Histology and Organology (4 cr) WSU Zool 421.
Biol ID-J450 Comparative Vertebrate Reproduction. WSU Zool 451
Biol 474 Principles of Developmental Biology
Biol 509 Development and Plasticity of the Nervous System. WSU Biol 553
Biol WS 529 Cell Molecular Neurobiology
Chem 472/572 Rational Design of Pharmaceuticals
Chem 573 Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Ent J484/584 Insect Anatomy and Physiology (4)
FST WS506 Principles of Pharmacology (2 cr) Same as WSU Neuro 504.
MedS 532 Nervous System (5 cr).
MMBB J475/J575 Molecular Biology of Cells
MMBB J476/J576 Biophysical Chemistry
MMBB J482/J582 Protein Structure and Function
MMBB J487/J587 Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics
MMBB J488/J588 Genetic Engineering
MMBB 509 Immunology See MMBB J409/J509.
MMBB 560 Advanced Microbial Physiology
Neur 509 Design Analysis of Biomedical Experiments
Neur 512 Proteins and Enzymes
WSU VPH 505 Design and Analysis of Biomedical Experiments

Computational Neuroscience

CS 470/570 Artificial Intelligence
CS 472/572 Evolutionary Computation
ECE 451/551 Electroacoustic Sensors and Systems
ECE 556 Adaptive Signal Processing (EE 556).
ECE 573 Fuzzy Logic Control Systems (EE 573)
ECE 578 Neural Network Design (EE 578, ME 578).
Math 437 Mathematical Biology
Psyc 446 Engineering Psychology
Psyc J461/J561 Human-Computer Interaction

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

Biol 478 Animal Behavior
Phil ID&WS442 Philosophy of Mind
Phil ID&WS443 Philosophy of Language
Psyc 448 Psycholinguistics
Psyc 456 Psychology of Emotion
Psyc J470/J570 Introduction to Chemical Addictions
Psyc J472/J572 Introduction to the Pharmacology of Psychoactive Drugs
Psyc 528 Psychopathology prereq: perm.
Psyc WS544 Medical Psychology: Psychological and Pharmacological Interventions
Psyc 562 Advanced Human Factors
These elective courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated.