Professional Skills Courses

The Professional Skills (PS) courses, common to all PSM tracks, are designed to address the specific needs of a professional science workforce that are often not addressed in a traditional master’s program. These include training in financial and organizational management of projects, in scientific writing, and in speaking to the broader public about scientific issues (National Professional Science Masters Association, 2009).

Take one course from each of the four subgroups below. At least three of the four courses must be taken at the 500 level. If a course is offered in both 400 and 500 level formats (e.g., Phil 452/552) it must be taken at the 500 level.

At least two of the courses must be PSM core courses. JD/PSM students can take two Law classes as part of the Professional Skills Courses Requirement.

Scientific Communication
  • Eng 522 Communications and Science Writing for Science Professionals (spring online)

Scientific Ethics
  • Phil 504 Ethical Practice in Environmental and Natural Resource Science (fall online) 
  • Phil 552 Environmental Philosophy (on-campus in fall)
  • Phil 450 Ethics & Science 

Leadership & Innovation
  • Bus 552 Managing Scientific Innovation (every other fall online)
  • Bus 513 Leadership and Organizational Behavior (Engineering Outreach)
  • Bus 495 Product Development and Brand Management (on campus)
  • Bus 414 Entrepreneurship

Managing Projects & Budgets
  • Bus 551 Managing Scientific Projects (every other fall online)
  • Acct 482 Enterprise Accounting (on-campus, designed to fit VIEW program) or
  • Acct 582 Enterprise Accounting (engineering outreach)