Goal 5: Strategic Plan

College of Graduate Studies will enhance the graduate student experience with increased support and dedication to excellence.

Objective 1:

Increase financial support for graduate teaching and research assistants.


  • Work with the University senior administrators and Deans to design and implement strategies to increase and streamline awarding teaching assistantships.
  • Work with departments and Faculty Senate to ensure awards are not cut for students in lieu of budgetary cutbacks.
  • Seek funding to package all teaching assistantship awards with stipend, in‐state fees, and if necessary, out‐of‐state fees.
  • Advocate competitive stipends for Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants.

Objective 2:

Increase and advocate across campus for greater academic support at the graduate level.


  • Make available various types of enrichment programs for graduate students (e.g., seminars concerning the writing of theses and dissertations, Writing Center Support, online tutorials, TA Training).
  • Provide professional development possibilities through such organizations as the Graduate and Professional Student Association.
  • Provide support and special events for underrepresented groups of students.
  • Work with the International Programs Office to support international graduate students, particularly during their first year.
  • Develop yearly electronic student handbook that streamlines and organizes information, policies, and procedures on graduate education.
  • Work with Office of Research Assurances to assess and address training needs graduate students.
  • Increase opportunities of recognizing high quality graduate student research, teaching, and service.
  • Work with the UI Library to implement the electronic thesis and dissertation submission.