Goal 1: Strategic Plan

College of Graduate Studies will work closely with colleges and programs to increase the enrollment of graduate students including diverse economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds in and outside of the state.

Objective 1:

Increase the percentage of graduate students at UI to 19.5% of the total student population by 2020, maintaining a 1.5% to 2% growth rate in graduate programs per year.


  • Improve the collection and management of data on graduate recruitment and enrollment.
  • Work closely with ITS and University Enrollment Management to implement and maintain the online application system for graduate admissions.
  • Work with UI extension centers as partners in graduate student recruitment.
  • Establish and nurture collaborative relationships with targeted feeder institutions.
  • Participate in recruitment fairs
  • Provide graduate program directors/coordinators across the university with recruitment
  • training.
  • Seek new opportunities and funding to strengthen recruitment of minority students
  • Increase staff support necessary to sustain continued growth in graduate programs
  • Work with colleges and student service programs to strengthen the retention of graduate students from underrepresented populations
  • Work with departments to develop models of graduate education which are appropriate for diverse audiences (e.g. cohorts, part‐time programs, on‐line programs)
  • Work to restructure returns on fees and tuition to provide budget support in line with overall college growth

Objective 2:

Increase the number of international students as part of the planned overall growth of graduate students at the university.


  • Provide recruiting agents with specialized recruitment training in targeted countries.
  • Maintain and improve communication with recruiting agents and partner institutions in the targeted countries.
  • Work with other colleges to develop models of graduate programs which would be attractive and efficient for international students (e.g., 3+1+1 master’s programs).
  • Work closely with IPO in the support of international graduate students.
  • Provide graduate program directors/coordinators across the university with specialized training in international recruitment.
  • Streamline and improve the procedures for international recruitment across the university.