fire fighter standing near active wildfire

Wildfire Media Experts

In 2012, 80 percent of the 9.3 million acres burned by wildfire in the United States were in the 11 western states. Idaho, Oregon and Montana saw the most activity with 44 percent of the total burned acres.

The University of Idaho is the leading university in wildfire fire research, education and collaboration. With the first certified wildfire ecology program in the nation and the only university lab dedicated to the study of combustion and smoke emissions, UI is internationally renowned for its fire science.

Wildfire is more than flames. UI researchers also are studying how the changes in climate and management and urbanization impact fires.

We have compiled a list of experts available to talk to the media about a variety of wildland fire topics. Their knowledge can bring context and insight to any story about wildfire, as well as provide your readers and listeners with information to help them prepare for the future.

Available Experts & High Resolution Media

Penny Morgan
Penny Morgan | Professor of Fire Sciences

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John Abatzoglou
John Abatzoglou | Assistant Professor of Geography

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Jay O'Laughlin, director of policy analysis group
Jay O'Laughlin | Professor, Director of Policy Analysis Group

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Adam Sowards
Adam Sowards | Associate Professor of History

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Bill Phillips

Heather Heward
Heather Heward | Instructor of Fire Sciences

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Climate change, paleoecology, and fire expert, Phil Higuera
Phil Higuera | Assistant Professor of Fire Sciences

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