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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
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Renewable Materials
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Research and Assistantship Opportunities

The forest products industry has become increasingly dynamic and robust and it is rife with opportunity for productive students and graduates. With a bachelor degree in renewable materials you’ll be well equipped to secure a professional position. In addition, a graduate degree will prepare you well for a management, research-based, or academic position early in your career. New products and technologies and increased global activity have resulted in a strong and growing demand for graduates with expertise in all areas related to renewable materials. Graduate assistantships are an incredible way to help support and fund your educational experience, while also giving you the opportunity to make significant contributions in your chosen research arena, from investigating more effective harvesting tactics in Pacific Northwest to particleboard studies or Medium Density Fireboard (MDF) projects. In these studies for example you and your team can evaluate the compression strength of MDF and Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) wedges for trusses.

Sample Assistantships

  • Wood Chemistry and Composites. Students with interests in wood composites, biobased resins, wood processing chemistry are needed.  
  • Timber Harvesting. We are looking for students who are planning careers in all areas of timber harvesting, forest management, and ecosystem restoration.  Learn more about Fuel Reduction Methods and discover opportunities where you can get involved in projects working to lessen the impact of wildfires.
Tuition Fee Waiver
Students participating in our graduate assistantship opportunities receive a stipend and an out-of-state tuition fee waiver. In addition to the University of Idaho courses and laboratory facilities, graduate students have access to Washington State University courses and facilities.