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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
Renewable Materials
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College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho
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bag of biomaterial

Our Guiding Principles

Inspiration, Innovation and Problem Solving
Our passion and commitment to developing practical solutions to today’s real challenges is a value shared by faculty, staff and students in our program.

We believe that wood from sustainably managed forests and other renewable materials are remarkable because they can be used to create engineered bio-based components with properties and characteristics that can be optimized for specific end uses in the construction and bio-energy industries.

Join our current students in their relentless pursuit to develop innovative, durable and sustainable bio-based and renewable materials that will positively shape society. Together our work will impact generations, from affecting building materials and the design of furniture and packaging components, to ethanol production and the next-wave of highly-potent biofuels.

While your course work will be determined in part by your chosen area of emphasis, underlying concepts explored in our program include:

  • Validated techniques for manipulating and enhancing the durability and the strength of wood properties to meet specific application needs
  • Foundational concepts behind the primary and secondary renewable materials products market
  • An understanding of bio-composites, bio-based resins and wood processing chemistry
  • Techniques for renewable materials production management, marketing and distribution, and technical and support services
  • Methods and background for collaborating successfully with architects and other design professionals to effectively design homes and prefabricated buildings and materials from bio-based composites.