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Graduate Education Opportunities in Range

Gain the experience and education to manage the stewardship and conservation of natural western landscapes. More

Rangeland Ecology & Management
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College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho
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Rangeland Ecology & Management B.S.

As an undergraduate student in the rangeland ecology and management program, you'll have the opportunity to tailor your education to best suit your interests by choosing one of several career tracks. Earn a degree in rangeland ecology and management, or choose and addional major in Animal Sciences or Wildlife Resources.

Rangeland Ecology and Management (B.S.)
  • 88 credits of core requirements and rangeland basics
  • 19 credits of courses in a specific area called a Career Track
  • 21 credits of "free electives" for you to explore

Double Major Opportunities
The rangeland ecology and management program has made cooperative arrangements with two other departments to make it possible for students to complete the following double majors in four years:

Double major in Rangeland Ecology and Animal Sciences
We cooperate with the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences to offer courses for students interested in careers in livestock management.
  • 131 credits of required coursework
  • All electives used to complete courses between rangelands and animal science
Double major in Rangeland Ecology and Wildlife Resources
Developed in cooperation with the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, this double major is a perfect fit if you're looking for careers in wildlife habitat management.
  • 125-127 credits of required coursework
  • 1-4 credits of electives
  • All electives used to complete courses between rangelands and wildlife resources

Rangeland Ecology & Management Minor
To earn this minor, you can complete 20 credits of required coursework.