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Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

College of Natural Resources

phone: (208) 885-7952
fax: (208) 885-6564

875 Perimeter Drive MS 1133
Moscow, ID 83844-1133

Meet the Department

Department Administration
Anthony Davis
Anthony S. Davis
FRFS Department Head; Tom Alberg and Judith Beck Chair in Natural Resources; Director, Center for Forest Nursery and Seedling Research; Associate Professor of Native Plant Regeneration and Silviculture
Research Interests: Improving nursery production practices of native plants, restoration of degraded forests, effects of environmental stresses on seedling growth and development
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FRFS Staff Morgan Gardner
Morgan Gardner
Administrative Coordinator
Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
208.885.6022 | Office: CNR 203
FRFS Staff Brenda Haener
Brenda Haener
Administrative Assistant I
Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
208.885.7952 | Office: CNR 204
Department Faculty Members
Randy Brooks, extension forestry specialist
Randy Brooks
Professor, Extension Forestry Specialist
Research Interests: Forest Biomass Utilization, Biofuels, Water Quality & Quantity, Forest Herbicides, Forest Insects and Diseases, and Forest Operations
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Mark Coleman
Mark Coleman
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Forest tree nutrition; Bioenergy feedstock production; Intensive silviculture; Below ground processes
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Jo Ellen Force
Jo Ellen Force
Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Physics
Research Interests: Forest policy and relationships between people and natural resources; Human Ecosystem Model; integrated human-natural systems.
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Amanda Gearhart, Rangeland Extension Specialist
Amanda Gearhart
Rangeland Extension Specialist / Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Rangeland monitoring, GIS, remote sensing, plant community dynamics, and applied rangeland ecology and management
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Paul Gessler 116
Paul Gessler
Professor; Co-Director, Geospatial Laboratory for Environmental Dynamics
Research Interests: Remote sensing & GIS for forest ecosystem analysis & monitoring; Wildland fire fuels and fire hazard mapping; Airborne sensor development; Environmental, Ecosystem and Soil-Landscape Modeling; Terrain and Watershed Analysis; Forest Soils; Spatial Statistics
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Gorman Thomas
Thomas M. Gorman
Associate Dean;Professor of Renewable Materials
Research Interests: Wood quality; Small diameter log utilization; Mechanical properties of wood; Sustainable green building practices; Energy-efficient wood-framed housing; Durability of wood-framed buildings
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Jim Gosz
Jim Gosz
Special Assistant to the Dean, CNR and Vice President for Research and Economic Development; Research Professor
Research Interests: Natural resource management and contrasting environments under different levels of human activity; Urban to wilderness
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Tara Hudiburg
Tara Hudiburg
Assistant Professor
Research interests: Ecosystem ecology, carbon cycle science, biogeochemistry, land use change, land management, climate change
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Professor Dan Johnson, Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences
Daniel Johnson
Assistant Professor
Research interests: Plant Physiological Ecology, Hydraulics, Plant Functional Anatomy, Drought and Climate Change
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Assistant Professor Robert Keefe
Robert Keefe
Forest Resources Program Lead, Assistant Professor of Forest Operations
Research Interests: Forest operations, forest operations modeling, forest management and planning, growth and yield
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Andrew Kliskey
Andrew Kliskey
Research Interests: Human response and adaptation to environmental change; Spatial methodologies for understanding coupled natural human systems; Spatial approaches for representing Indigenous and Traditional knowledge; Social-ecological systems and place-based science
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Karen Lauchbaugh
Karen Launchbaugh
Director of the U-Idaho Rangeland Center and Professor of Rangeland Ecology
Research Interests: Plant-animal interactions; Grazing management; Animal behavior
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Tim Link adjusts experiment material
Timothy E. Link
Professor of Hydrology with UI Since 2001
Research Interests: Forest hydrology; Snow hydrology; Vegetation atmosphere interactions;* Hydrologic Modeling
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John Marshall
John D. Marshall
Research Interests: Tree physiology; Ecosystem ecology; Stable isotope ratios
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Armando McDonald
Armando McDonald
Professor, Biomaterials and Bioproducts
Research Interests: Biopolymers and bioplastics synthesis/biosynthesis from waste streams; Biobased composite materials research, including fiber modifications and product prototype development; Development of biobased fuels from biomass, including pyrolysis and synthesis gas upgrading to gasoline; Understanding wood/xylem formation using a combined biochemistry/proteomics approach
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Penelope Morgan
Penelope Morgan
Research Interests: Fire ecology and management; Landscape ecology; Natural resources ecology and conservation
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George Newcombe
George Newcombe
Research Interests: Genetics of resistance of woody plants to disease; Fungal pathogens of Populus and Salix: their taxonomy, ecology, and distributions; Endophyte mutualists of forest tree; Hyperparasitism; Plant-soil feedback in plant invasions
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R. Robberecht
R. Robberecht
Research Interests: Physiological plant ecology (Ecophysiology); guided independent learning (use of information technology in science education); scientific visualization and modeling (integration of ecological processes, molecule to globe)
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Alistair Smith
Alistair Smith
Associate Professor; Program Lead, Fire Ecology and Management; Director, Idaho Fire Initiative for Research and Education (IFIRE)
Research Interests: Remote sensing, forestry, fire science, smoke and air quality
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Eva Strand, U-Idaho CNR Assistant Professor
Eva Strand
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Spatial ecology; Applied Landscape Ecology; GIS applications in natural resources
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Emeritus Faculty Members
Stephen Bunting
Stephen Bunting
Research Interests: Community and landscape ecology; Fire ecology and behavior
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