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Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

College of Natural Resources

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Lauren Fins

Lauren Fins

Office: CNR 203B
Phone: (208) 885-7920
Email: lfins@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: c/o Forest Resources program, University of Idaho
PO Box 441133
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1133

College of Natural Resources
Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

Campus Locations: Moscow
With UI Since 1979

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Population genetics of forest trees
    • Population dynamics of forest trees in response to ecological variables
    • Genetic improvement of forest trees
    • Genetic resistance to white pine blister rust
  • Biography

    Dr. Fins describes herself as a knowledge omnivore with interests in science, people and cultures, natural resources and social issues, environmental economics and sustainable management and living. Her diverse degrees in Psychology (B.A.), Forestry (M.S.) and Genetics (Ph.D.) are evidence of her passion for connecting people, natural resources and science. She began teaching as a graduate student at Colorado State University where she taught “Dendrology” (tree taxonomy and evolution). She continued as a teaching assistant in “Resource Genetics” at the University of California and has taught a diversity of courses at the University of Idaho, including “Forest Genetics”, “Forest Ecosystem Management”, “Fire, Myth and Mankind”, “Society and Natural Resources”, and “The Natural History and Culture of Chocolate." Her research has focused primarily on population genetics of forest trees, with emphasis on blister rust resistance in western white pine. For 21 years, as Director of the Inland Empire Tree Improvement Cooperative, she provided leadership and education in forest genetics and tree improvement in the Inland Northwest. Her current research on whitebark pine populations in the Frank Church Wilderness Area has taken her to places of astonishing and inspiring beauty. She enjoys contact with students and had particular fun teaching the class on chocolate. As a hobby, Dr. Fins enjoys acting in local, university and regional theatre. Her performances include the roles of Nat in “Rabbit Hole,” Aunt Lou in “Trio with Flute,” Shaindl in “Fiddler on the Roof” and a monologue as Ruth in “Collected Stories.”

  • Selected Publications
    • Dumm, G., Fins, L. and Graham, R. T. (2008) “Fire Effects on Fine Roots of Ponderosa Pine and Douglas-fir in a Southern Idaho Forest.” Western J.Applied For. (to be published in the October 2008 issue)
    • Fins, L. et al. 2007. Summary Report by Conference Panel of IUFRO Division 2 Conference on Low Input Breeding and Conservation of Forest Trees, October 9-13, 2006, Antalya, Turkey.
    • Fins, L. et al. 2007. Background and Recommendations Report by Conference Panel of IUFRO Division 2 Conference on Low Input Breeding and Conservation of Forest Trees, October 9-13, 2006, Antalya, Turkey.
    • Fins, L. 2006. Return of the Giants – Lessons Learned from a High Input Tree Improvement Program. In Proceedings of the IUFRO Division 2 Conference on Low Input Breeding and Conservation of Forest Trees. October 9-13, 2006, Antalya, Turkey.
    • Woo, K-S., Fins, L., and McDonald, G.I. 2004. “Genetic and Environmentally Related Variation in Needle Morphology of Blister Rust Resistant and Nonresistant Pinus monticola.” Pp. 148-153 in “Breeding and Genetic Resources Resources of Five-Needle Pines: Growth, Adaptability, and Pest Resistance.” Proceedings of the IUFRO Working Party 2.02.15 International Conference, Medford, Oregon, July 23-27, 2001. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Proceedings RMRS-P-32. May 2004.
    • Fins, L., S.T. Friedman, and J.V. Brotschol. 1992. Handbook of Quantitative Forest Genetics. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Dordrecht, The Netherlands. 403 p.

    • Outreach Projects
        • Service learning for students in CNR Capstone Course providing analysis and information on the county’s natural resources for the Latah County Commissioners
        • Awards and Honors
          • Outstanding Teacher Award - University of Idaho Student Disability Services Program 2008
          • Elected Fellow of the Society of American Foresters 2005
          • Inland Empire Society of American Foresters’ Communicator of the Year 1999
          • University of Idaho College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences Outstanding Continuing Education and Service Award 1996
        “The trick is to take yourself seriously, without taking yourself seriously. The problem is, most people get it backward.” -W.J. Libby