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Graduate Education

We offer both M.S. and Ph.D. programs in eight areas of Conservation Social Sciences. More

Resource Recreation and Tourism
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Conservation Social Sciences
University of Idaho
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Resource Recreation and Tourism

Defining and defending the corridors that separate developed land with wilderness areas is a top priority for students in our program. You’ll examine historical and current recreation planning and management trends and discover strategies for effectively communicating with the public to encourage responsible and enthusiastic recreation.

As individuals’ leisure time grows and the ecotourism industry continues to expand, the demand for professionals with a Resource Recreation and Tourism B.S. will also increase. Working with key stakeholder’s you’ll be responsible for:

  • Keeping natural areas pristine
  • Leading groups through amazing outdoor environments
  • Interpreting the land, wildlife and pristine nature for appreciative tourists
  • Identifying land and water resources that still need to be conserved
  • Working with landowners and citizens to protect and conserve cultural and heritage sites
  • Managing wild and scenic rivers
  • Working with forest and rangeland managers to improve public access
  • Educating our youth about how to use the great outdoors responsibly
  • Making a contribution to society that will benefit future generations

Career Opportunities
You can be confident knowing that your academic and hands-on educational experiences will make your more employable. As graduate of our program you’ll be prepared to work within organizations to balance people’s need for outdoor adventure with the responsible use of our lands.

Connecting People with Nature
For example with your training, you’ll be equipped to properly manage high-use recreational areas such as campgrounds within Yellowstone National Park, as well as prepared to make informed decisions about managing the public communication process. Whether you’re speaking on behalf of a city parks and recreation department, or recruiting for an ecotourism adventure in one of the biological reserves in Costa Rica, communication is critical. Career opportunities available to our graduates include:

  • Conservation officer
  • Wilderness/backcountry manager
  • Park ranger
  • Public affairs specialist
  • Information or education specialist
  • Environmental/land use planner
  • Interpretive naturalist