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College of Natural Resources
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Emeritus Professor Charles Harris

Charles Harris

Office: CNR 19G
Phone: (208) 885-6314
Email: charris@uidaho.edu

College of Natural Resources
Professor of Environmental Policy, Planning & Management

Campus Locations: Moscow

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Interdisciplinary resource management and planning
    • Human dimensions of water resources, restoration ecology, and ecosystem management
    • Community development and resource management
    • Social impact assessment
    • Resource management, policy and planning
    • Economics of water resources, recreation & amenity values
    • regional economics of rural communities
    • Organizational psychology of resource management agencies
    • Resource conflict management and resolution
  • Biography
    I have been a member of the faculty of the Department of Conservation Social Sciences in the College of Natural Resources since 1984, after earning an M.S. at Colorado State and a Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. In my work as Professor of Environmental Policy, Planning, and Management, I have applied social psychology, rural sociology, and economics to such areas as community-based impact assessment, ecological restoration, ecosystem management and water resources. Until recently, I served as the director for the college’s Master of Natural Resources Program, an interdisciplinary MPA-type program. I currently teach courses on the human dimensions of resource management and natural resources planning. I am married, and we have 3 grown kids – one living here in Moscow, one in Portland, and one in Oakland, CA — plus our two dogs (pound puppies that are Lab/Heinz-47 mixes). A recent eye-opening event in my life started when I was back east a year ago July & came down with a splitting headache, which turned out to be a brain abscess; two days after going into an Urgent Care office to have it checked out, I was on the operating table getting my head sawed open, my brain cleansed of the infection, and the pressure relieved. Only two days later, I was out of the hospital, but I stayed on bed-rest and antibiotics for a couple of months after returning to Idaho.
  • Selected Publications
    • Harris, C.C., Nielsen EA, Becker DR, Blahna D, and WJ McLaughlin. (2012). Results of community deliberation about social impacts of ecological restoration: Comparing public input of self-selected versus actively engaged community members. Environmental Management, 50(2): 191-203. 
    • Harris, C.C. (2012). Human dimensions of ecological restoration: A multitude of dimensions. Book review of edited volume entitled, Human Dimensions of Ecological Restoration. Invited manuscript accepted for publication. The Prairie Naturalist 44(1), 66–67. 
    • Brown, G., T. Squirrell, and C. Harris. 2010. Growing organizational challenges for the U.S. Forest Service: Results of a longitudinal study in a period of major environmental change. Journal of Forestry. 2010 (March), 77-85. 
    • Brown, G., C. Harris, and T.J. Squirrell. 2010. Gender diversification in the U.S. Forest Service: Does it still matter? Review of Public Personnel Administration, 30(3): 268-300. 
    • Seekamp, E., C.C. Harris, T.E. Hall, and T.E. Craig. 2010. A mixed methods approach to measuring depth of group information processing in the context of deliberative public involvement. Manuscript accepted for publication in Journal of Mixed Methods Research
    • Smaldone, D., C.C. Harris, and N. Sanyal. 2008. The role of time in place attachment. Journal of Leisure Research 40(4): 305-330.  
  • Research Projects
    • Development of a Quality of Life Assessment Protocol for Rural Communities. (With G. Brown.) Joint Research Venture, USDA Forest Service, Human Dimensions, W.O. & PSW Ecosystem Studies Unit. 2009-2010. 
    • Assessing and Enhancing Community Conditions and Capacity for Sustainable Community Development. Joint Research Venture, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 2007-2010. 
    • Water of the West: Towards a Sustainable, Interdisciplinary Water Resources Program. (Proposal co-author and planning committee member.) President’s Reinvestment Strategic Initiative. 2006-2008.
    • Sustainable Idaho Program. (Proposal co-author and planning committee member.) President’s Reinvestment Strategic Initiative. 2006-2008.
    • Idaho Water Resources Information and Needs Assessment: Extended Analysis and Enhanced Information Transfer.” (With E. Seekamp) USGS 104(b) Grant Program. 2006.
    • INRA Water Resources Research Needs Assessment.” (With D. Jackson-Smith, Utah State U.) INRA. 2006-2007.
    • Assessing Comfort-Levels with Decisions Made on the Fireline.” (With Alexis Lewis.) Joint Research Venture, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Experiment Station. July 2007.
    • Bringing Sustainable Food into Youth Outdoor Education. With J. Farley. Dept. of CSS and Rural Roots, Inc., UI, and the Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI). USDA-CSREES Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program. 2005.
    • Evaluation of a designed and implemented non-native invasive species learning unit. (With G. Wiesner.)  Center for Research on Invasive Species and Small Populations, UI. 2005.
    • Exploring Agency Related Wilderness Values and Measuring Changes to Stakeholder Attitudes about Wilderness Experience Management Related to Participation in Value-Focused Structured Analytic Deliberative Stakeholder Involvement Meetings. U.S. Forest Service. With Erin Seekamp and Troy Hall. 2008.
  • Outreach Projects
    • Director, Master of Natural Resources Program, College of Natural Resources, UI.  1999 – 2009. 
  • Awards and Honors
    • U.S. Forest Service Policy Fellow, Policy Office, Research & Development, USDA Forest Service National Headquarters, Washington, DC.

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