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College Points of Pride

College Awards

  • University of Idaho Awards for Excellence: Carrie Anderson, ECB; mentor – Frank Wilhelm. Mary Coyle, Fish and Wildlife Resources; mentor – Kerri Vierling. Thomas Rodhouse, Wildlife Resources; mentor – Kerri Vierling.

Student Awards

  • Four CNR students have won Alumni Awards for Excellence for the 2012-2013 academic year. This year’s winners from CNR are: Jaz Ammon, a senior in Resource Recreation and Tourism; Rebecca Johnson, a senior double majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology and Wildlife Resources; Zach Penney, a graduate student in Fisheries Resources; and Wade Tinkham, a graduate student in Natural Resources. Curious about the awards? Read the full story.
  • CNR graduate student, Oscar Abelleira, has received a $15,000 Borlaug Fellowship.  Oscar is an IGERT PHD student in Fish and Wildlife Resources working in Hojancha, Costa Rica. He is co-advised by Sven Guenter at CATIE, and by Alex Fremie at U-Idaho. The title of Oscar's dissertation is "Water Use of Reforestation with Teak Plantations in Nicoya, Costa Rica: Implications for Droughts."
  • Matthew Aghai, Forest Resources graduate student, and his team at the university's Pitkin Nursery won a $3,000 grant from the Sustainability Center that will fund the installation and maintenance of a major subirrigation system at the Forest Nursery. The system will increase water use efficiency by roughly 30 percent and reduce nutrient runoff.
  • A Forest Resources student team competed in the semi finals in the Quiz Bowl event at the Society of American Foresters National Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov. 2-6. Team members included Tess Pinkney, Trevor DoBell-Carlsson, Jacob Vail and Elise Suronen, who competed against 23 forestry teams from across the U.S. Bill Sweeney, a Forest Resources undergraduate and a national officer in the student Society of American Foresters, helped organize and run the Quiz Bowl event.
  • Ted Harris, Fisheries graduate student studying with Frank Wilhelm, was awarded an honorable mention for the Jody Connor Student Paper Award recognizing the paper he presented at the North American Lakes Management Society annual meeting in late Oct. in Spokane, Wash.
  • Bryan Jones, a Fisheries master's degree candidate, received a $1,500 scholarship from Kelly Creek Flycasters recognizing his work that positively impacts fisheries research in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Fire Ecology and Management graduate students Christine Droske and Kerry Kemp presented their graduate research at the Interior West Fire Ecology Conference held Nov. 14-17 in Snowbird, Utah. Both were awarded nationally competitive Travel, Research, and Educational Experience (TREE) awards by the Association for Fire Ecology that funded their travel and active participation. Additionally, seven undergraduate students in the Student Association for Fire Ecology volunteered at the conference, and helped host a U-Idaho alumni and friends event. They also presented a poster and raised funding for their service learning project planned for spring break 2012. Participants included Eric Molten, Katie Ward-Bryant, Liz Bauer, Chris Bernau, Bruce Brockett, Kyle White and Alex Irwin.

Faculty Awards

  • Kerry Reese was awarded the Wildlife Society Northwest Section’s Arthur S. Einarsen Award during the joint Northwest Section/Montana Chapter meeting in Great Falls, MT, on March 12, 2012. The Einarsen Award recognizes outstanding service to the wildlife profession by individuals encompassed by the Northwest Section.
  • Steve Bunting received the 2011 Harold Biswell Lifetime Achievement Award in Ecology from the Association for Fire Ecology, recognizing a lifetime of fire ecology and management achievement in the western U.S. >>Read more
  • Gary Machlis recently was appointed by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar as co-leader of a specialized scientific group that will develop future scenarios and provide rapid, interdisciplinary scientific assessments during environmental crises or disasters affecting America’s natural resources.
  • Penny Morgan achieved the status of Certified Senior Fire Ecologist. She was recognized by the Association for Fire Ecology under the Wildland Fire Certification Program as a leading scientist in the fire science profession whose has made substantial and lasting contributions to the field of fire ecology.
  • Sandra Pinel was recognized in 2011 as a Fellow in the Society for Applied Anthropology for more than 20 years of scholarship and service.

CNR Awards for First Quarter of FY 2012

PI Project Title
Aycrigg, Jocelyn L. USGS Gap Analysis Program 7/1/08–6/30/12 $853,431 25% Federal
Bunting, Stephen C. USDI-BLM Minidoka Fuel Break 9/18/10–9/30/15 $6,000 18% Federal
Conway, Courtney J. IF&G Fish Operations 7/1/01–6/30/12 $27,600 0% State
Conway, Courtney J. IF&G Wildlife Research 11/7/00–6/30/12 $24,300 0% State
Davis, Anthony S. USDA FS Optimize Restoration 8/2/11–12/31/15 $13,200 0% Federal
Dennis, Brian C. UMT Sage Grouse Collision 7/1/11–12/31/13 $42,491 10% Federal
Fremier, Alexander K. USDI BOR Integrated Data Harvester 9/15/11–12/31/15 $139,918 18% Federal
Gollberg, Gregory E. USDA-FS FRAMES 2008-09 6/12/08–12/31/12 $512,060 0% Federal
Hall, Troy E. USDA-FS McKenzie River Study 8/10/11–9/1/13 $22,000 0% Federal
Harris, Charles C. USDA-FS Urban Forest Restoration 8/10/11–9/30/12 $14,998 0% Federal
Higuera, Philip E. MSU Wildfire PIRE 9/1/10–8/31/12 $70,715 43% Federal
Hollenhorst, Steven J. USDI NPS FY12 VSP/VSC 7/15/11–9/30/12 $362,016 0% Federal
Kennedy, Brian P. NSF TIMS Isotope Geochemistry 9/1/11–8/31/14 $726,786 45% Federal
Link, Timothy USDA-ARS Modeling Streamflow 9/30/08–9/29/13 $3,500 0% Federal
Marshall, John D. USDA-FS CA Mixed-Conifer 8/3/10–9/30/13 $49,000 0% Federal
McLaughlin, William J. UM Capacity Building Seminar 7/18/11–8/6/11 $8,000 26% State
Moffitt, Christine M. BPA Emerging Issues Relative to the Recovery of Snake River Fall Chinook Salmon 6/1/11–5/31/12 $32,955 26% Federal
Moffitt, Christine M. CRITFC Kelt Research III 7/1/11–6/30/12 $55,568 0% Federal
Newingham, Beth A. Soil Responses to Post-fire Rehabilitation Seeding Treatments 8/16/11–9/30/12 $10,000 0% Federal
Pregitzer, Kurt S. MTU Atmospheric CO2 & C03 8/1/10–3/31/12 $102,717 43% Federal
Pregitzer, Kurt S. UM Elevated Atmospheric CO2 & 03 7/1/10–6/30/12 $172,991 43% Federal
Quist, Michael C. IF&G Spawning Ecol Pend Oreille 8/1/11–2/28/12 $40,000 0% State
Reese, Kerry P. IF&G Columbian Grouse Ecology 8/15/10–6/30/12 $30,130 0% Federal
Reese, Kerry P. IF&G Sage Grouse Census 2 8/22/11–12/17/11 $6,295 0% Federal
Rust, Marc L. IETIC Director 7/1/00–6/30/12 $116,499 0% Federal
Rust, Marc L. IETIC Data Manager 7/1/00–6/30/12 $6,649 0% Federal
Rust, Marc L. IETIC Pullman Ponderosa Pine 5/1/09–6/30/12 $2,600 0% Other
Rust, Marc L. IETIC Russell H Hudson Gene Archive  7/1/09–6/30/12 $4,000 0% Federal
Smith, Alistair NASA Extreme Wildland Fire 8/1/11–7/31/14 $200,361 26% Federal
Strand, Eva K. USDA FS Fire Curricula 8/22/11–9/30/16 $360,000 10% Federal
Strand, Eva K. USDI-NPS Quaking aspen protocol 1/15/08–12/31/12 $16,788 18% Federal
Vierling, Kerri T. USDA FS Wash Cascade Woodpecker 7/11/11–6/30/13 $8,000 0% Federal
Vierling, Kerri T. USDA FS Rodent dispersal pine seed  8/17/11–9/30/13 $6,400 15% Federal
Vierling, Lee A. WSU Climate Friendly Farming 4/1/11–3/31/13 $242,618 28% Federal
Vierling, Lee A. USDA-FS Remote Sensing Tech 7/8/10–12/31/12 $5,000 0% Federal
Waits, Lisette P. USGS Detecting Amphibian Species  8/1/11–7/31/12 $20,790 18% Federal
Wright, Raymond G. Technical Assistance for the Upper Columbia Basin Network - RM Phase 2 7/1/11–12/31/13 $58,000 18% Federal
Wright, Raymond G. Technical Assistance for the Upper Columbia Basin Network - RM Phase 2 7/1/11–12/31/13 $27,000 18% Federal
Wright, Raymond G. USDI NPS American Pika 6/15/11–12/31/13 $61,000 18% Federal
Wright, Raymond G. USDINPS FY08 Columbia Basin Network 9/30/08–9/30/13 $26,000 18% Federal