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Archaeological Technician Academic Certificate

The Archaeological Technician Program is designed to offer students a solid understanding of the basic practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to be qualified for an entry level position with a CRM firm, or government agency. Participants must complete the entire training program with emphases in field survey, excavation and laboratory methods. All three areas of the Certificate program include practical experience in the field and lab with academic and/or professional evaluations which will include appropriate readings and examinations. This certificate is offered in conjunction with the Departmental Bachelor of Science in Anthropology.

All declared Archaeological Technician students must be advised by both their regular advisor and the Director of the Technician program. An advising session with the Director must occur at least once during the Fall semester, and again in the Spring to prepare students for internship placement. Contact with the Director will be by appointment.

Any student who is interested should contact:

Director of the Archaeological Technician Program
Leah Evans-Janke (208) 885-3733
Sociology & Anthropology Department Chair 
John Mihelich
(208) 885-5046  

A minimum overall GPA of 3.00 and a grade of 'B' or higher is required in all coursework for this academic certificate.

A minimum of 33 credit hours for the Institutional Certificate which must include English 317 Technical Writing (3 credits) or its equivalent, plus 9 credit hours selected from the optional courses listed.

Required Courses:

  • Anth 231: Introduction to Achaeology
  • Anth 409: Anthropological Field Methods
  • Anth 430: Intro to Archaeological Method and Theory
  • Anth 432: Historical Artifact Analysis
  • Anth 449: Lithic Technology
  • Anth 453: Arch Lab Techniques
  • Anth 454: Arch Field Techniques (Professional Internship)
  • Eng 317: Technical Writing

Electives (9 cr):
  • Anth 100: Introduction to Anthropology
  • Anth 230: World Prehistory
  • Anth 329: North American Indians
  • Anth 422: Plateau Indians
  • Geog 385: GIS Primer
  • Geol 101: Physical Geology
  • Geo 335: Geomorphology
  • Hist 423: Idaho & the Pacific Northwest
  • Hist 427: Introduction to Public History
  • Hist 428: History of the American West
  • Stat 251: Statistical Methods

Although students can fulfill their field school requirement through the University of Idaho, it can also be fulfilled by attending a field school from a fellow institution. The professional internship must be fulfilled outside the University with a cooperating agency or CRM firm.